Ashok Singhal and relevance of Manu Smriti

April 20, 2006

Hindu Society is often trashed by the ultra-left, Dalits and Christian groups for its apparent belief in Manu Smirit. Ashok Sighal of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, here clearly explains that Manu smirit is not relevant to the modern Hindu society and it has been overwhelmingly rejected by our religious leaders.

        Ashok Singhal, President, Vishva Hindu Parishad wrote:

The “Manu Smriti” or the “Yagyavalkya Smriti” has no connection with Adi Manu or the Sage Yagyavalkya. The “Smritis” were written during the reign of Pushyamitra about 2200 years ago. There is no reference of such Smritis in the Mahabharata.

There are two portions in the Smritis – one is ‘Yama’ and the other is ‘Niyama’. ‘Yama’ consists of eternal values while the ‘Niyamas’ were the periodic governing laws or codes of conduct meant for running the affairs of the state of the then kings. There are more than three hundred Smritis. They have little to do with the eternal values of Dharma. These have been responsible for gross discrimination that is alien to our concept of ‘Ekaatmataa’ (Ekaatm Bhaava/Integralism) that is expounded in our ancient scriptures – the Shrutis (the four Vedas – the eternal revealed scriptures) and the Upanishads.

Caste untouchability never existed in our society. It is the creation of the Muslim rule because those who put up a fight and did not convert to Islam were punished for their commitment to their indigenous ethos and thrown out of the society as untouchables. These heroic people are enlisted as scheduled castes. We must differentiate between the ‘scheduled castes’ and the ‘Shudras’. Shudras were held with respect before the advent of the Smritis and the scheduled castes are of recent origin created during the muslim rule.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad totally rejects the “Manu Smriti” as it has no place in a civilized society. The Adi Manu Smriti is the Gita as revealed in Chapter IV of the Gita. The Dharma Sansad and the Margadarshak Mandal of Vishva Hindu Parishad constituted of Dharmacharyas, Sants, Mahamandaleshwars and Mahants have totally rejected caste untouchability as prevalent in the Hindu society today. They have decided to give ‘Mantra Deeksha’ without any discrimination.

In the Vedas, there is no discrimination amongst the four Varnas. All are considered genius and masterminds in their own fields and all looked upon one another with respect. Recitation of the Vedic Mantras in daily life was practiced by the entire society irrespective of Varna. As for the Ashram Vyavastha, it enabled the individual-self to gradually unfold and expand his/her horizon of consciousness from micro-self through family, creed, nationality and ultimately attained absolute perfection by identifying with the universal self, the omnipresent divine self. Man started his journey as an individual Brahmachari, proceeded to Grihastha Ashram, then Vaanaprastha Ashram when he dedicated himself to the service of humanity, and finally accepted the Sannyaas Ashram in which he had to surrender his individual self at the feet of the divine for ultimate salvation.,,,,,,,


25 Responses to “Ashok Singhal and relevance of Manu Smriti”

  1. Torontonian Says:

    Hare Krishna! Very nice blog!

  2. Tha article was good. The smritis such as manu smriti and Parashra Smrtiti have downgraded the lower castes and brought bad name to the society. However the argument that scheduled castes were created by Muslims apperas to be not correct. Adi Sankaracharya who lived in India much before Muslims came to India and occupied had a discussion with Chandala and after realization bowed to Chandala. Untouchability although was not sanctioned by Vedas, existed by virtue of introduction by ruling classes with the help of priestly class to subjugate society. These smritis have no relevance now.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  3. Dear Mr Singhal,
    Caste is hated and the Indian Government from time to time has been harping that caste should be destroyed, Caste system in Hindu society is flourishing gloriously. The Government is responsible for promoting it further by its lack luster policies and short sighted plans. Though caste is to be left behind, it is the first one at the fore front in all walks of life. The reservation policies that are going on extended without time limit has further strengthened the caste system. The people have developed vested interests in these castes and politicians who are misguiding the nation for their personal vote banks are the culprits for the present caste war in the country.In states such as Bihar and Jharkhand caste wars are regular affairs. In Tamil nadu Ayyars and Ayyangars have been bitterly hated and persecuted and they have almost left the State. They have been severely persecuted by lower castes after independence. There is no doubt that India faces self destruction in caste war and it would be impossible to stop it. The deep fissures and hatred developed after Mandal comission report are the indicators. More damage to the society has been done by the politicians and the government than the scriptures.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  4. Dear Mr Singhal,

    The Hindu society at present is bitterly divided on caste basis. Thanks to the politicians and mishandling and ill concieved plans by our government. recent caste war in Rajasthan over issue of Gujjars is shameful and exposed how bitter it can be. The people have clashed with others and police wielding fire arms and other weapons. Wjat else prrof is rquired for the bitterness and prove that all is not well in the society. Can the government abolish reservations now. Never. Reservations for tickets for MLA and MP apart from in professional cxolleges will never allow it. India should have reservations based on economic considerations. This would unfortunately involve many IAS and IPS officers too, and political leaders whop are at the higher ladder of stature financially and they would never allow. It is like a devil created by one devouring its master. The caste of devil created by the Indian governmnet is devouring thenation, Winston Churchill truly commented at the prospect of independence to this nation that this poor nation would be left in the hands of unscrupulous and selfish men ( the word rascals owuld be too harsh) where even a glass of water and a loaf of bread would be taxed. His profecy has come true. The political system in India is in the hands of criminlas, goons, cheats and even killers who can get elected to the office and hood wink the judiciary by prolonging the judicial process that has lost its teeth.

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  5. Dear Mr Singhal

    Caste system has played havoc with Indian society. In Tamilnadu DMK party has captured power and Brahmins in Tamil nadu literally left the State having been persecuted severely. One can gauge the bitterness maong these party cadres against Brahmins by going through the websites linked to arrest of Kanchi swamy in Tamilnadu. Certain comments are atrocious and are highly objectionable. In the current controversy on Rama Sethu, Lord Rama, the grand idol of millions of Hindus has been abused and highly objectionable remarks have been passed by none other than the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu. He may have any views on God, religion and faith. But he has nobusiness to insult sentiments of millions of Hindus. It is most unfortunate that in India which we claim to be secular can such comments be passed against the faith of others, Can he pass similar comments agaisnt the Prophets of Islam or Christianity? Just remember what happened to Salman Rushdie and Danish cartoonist recently. Does secularism mean insulting of Hindus. He has committed unpardonable offense. It is hightime he is booked in court and brought to justice. What is Vishwa Hindu Perishad is doing to protect Hindu faith ? Have they just swallowed the insult ?
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  6. Sangh Agrawal Says:

    Vishwa Hindu Parishad is sleeping..I am ashamed to call myself a Hindu seeing how this organization responds to the Tamil Chief Minister’s remarks..and yet that Imaam from Calcutta had no problems calling for the head of tasleema nasreen..only vedanti has shown some character.VHP u are pathetic..a sissy organization that can do nothing even when in majority..what will u do when muslims become majority and begin insulting our Gods? Offer some kind of intellectual objection? Bloody ball-less parasite organization.

  7. Dear Mr Singhal

    Vishwa Hindu Pershad appears a paper tiger giving lectures and conducting Ratha Yatras here and there. It has developed cold feet at the most crucial times. It has failed to take legal actions agaisnt the offenders who abused Lord ram recently and committed unpardonable sin and insult. Can Karunanidhi do same thing to Muslims and Christians? Just Dare not, I say. What is the use of having this organization if it can not uphold dignity of Hindus and bring culrits tojustice. Hindus are tolerant. The present actions also confirm that they are ciowards and lack spine and are like earthworms. So they suffer
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  8. Dear Mr Singhal,
    Recently Police arested a lecturer from Narayana college in Mehdipatnam because he has allegedly passed some comments agaisnt Islam there by hurting sentiments of Mussalmans. Earlier a lady lecturer on similar charge was also harassed by police by arresting in a college in Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad. It is greatly astonishing to note that Karunananidhi who spoke that Ram was a druncard and he did not study Engineering in some college are highly insulting and he being a CM has got away without an arrest. Why police has not arrested him after he hurt sentiments of millions of Hindu? What is the party Vishwa Hindu perishad is doing as an organization to up hold dignity of Hindu faith? Will people will be allowed to say whatever they like while any one saying some thing agaisnt Islam is harassed, and arrested. Does this mean that Secularism is persecution of Hindus in India. How this is a secular country? It has infact ceased and rather it was never. It was an eye wash. The pseudo secular policies have created Pakistan and now Mulsims ( A part) are trying to again split the country and I am sure they would succeed soon. It is high time these organizations such as VHP wind up or show some results on ground.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  9. It has been learnt from the news papers that in Mumbai VHP has filed a csae against Karunanaidhi for insulting Lord Ram by uttering insulting words that he was a drunkard. The reaction of VHP was luke warm on this issue that was most outrageous. In fact even in case of persecution of Kanchi Pontiff the reaction of Hindu elements was something down played. this was probably because of the court cases. But, can same thing happen to a Mullah in India and the Religious chief of Jama Maszid of Delhi. Any one will say dare not. Hindus always swallowed all types of insults when we look into pages of history. It was people like Tilak who atleast stood for Hindu faith. Otherwise Pseudo secular policies have sold away the nation and even today same situation exists. A Hindu feels second rate citizen in India and some times people even hesitate to be identified with the temples and Hindu religion. Somanth temple was renovated after independence and tragedy is that Pandit Nehru was not happy because Dr Rajendra Prasad took part in the inauguration of the most important temple of India that was devasted several times by Mohammed Ghaznavi of Kabul. Is it wrong to be identified with ones religion by Hindus while Muslis in India can do? Why this discrimination. Karunanidhi being of DMK and being the supporting party to the central govt is being protected even after committing blasphemy. Any other person doing same thing against Islam and Christianity would have been behind bars by this time. This shows that India is based on pseudo secularism that is dividing the nation further. VHP has obviously failed o protect rights of Hindus for which it stands. Ram in his own land has been abused and the insults have been swallowed.How can this VHP build a Ram temple in India at Ayodhya? What a tragedy indeed?
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  10. Dear Singhal
    Although India is a secular country, wht is being practiced is pseudo seculariusm. Plesae read my book on the subject, Pseudo Secularism and derailed India written Telugu and you can obtain a copy from me.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  11. Dear Mr Singhal
    Although India is a secular country, what is being practiced is pseudo seculariusm. Please read my book on the subject, Pseudo Secularism and derailed India written in Telugu and you can obtain a copy from me free of cost.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  12. Daer Mr Singhal
    Probably truth is very difficult to digest in this world.In my earlier posts I said India is a land of Pseudo secularism. This may not be palatable to those who are in power. In the latest incidents few months ago Tasleema Nasreen of Bangkladesh who is given assylum in India was attacked by the goons of Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen party at Press club in Hyderabad. In fact he life was in danger in the attack and some brave ournalists present foiled the attempt and saved her and police came later on shifted her to safety. The MIm Legislators were party to this incident and Government in AP could not arrest MIM legislator who gave adeath threat to Nasreen. Till date there is no action against him. The supremo of MIM Sulta saluddin Owaissi even gralaned the infamous heroes and applauded their act. Government is mum on the issue and infact playing safe for the fear of antagonising Muslims in Hyderabad. What type of secularism is this? Does secularism means appeasing Muslims and persecuting Hindus.What a shame?

    DR K PrabhakarRao

  13. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Dear Mr Singhal,

    This site appears to be dead with no takers except me and few more. Nether Mr Sighal is interested to reply and keep it alive. Unfortunately he can not say yes nor no.Own personal interests would be at stake. A double game goes on everywhere. While pseudo secularism goes on unabted in India in shameless manner eradicating Hindu sentiments everywhere and tearing the country apart the political parties play hide and seek with people. VHP also does not spell out policy clearly and plays a safe game. Hindus ages, Swamis and learned teachers get dragged on road and framed up on charges while the nation looks on helplessly. Other get scotfree. Better this site is closed.

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  14. Prashant Bhagat Says:

    Mr Singhal,
    If I may deduce so, I can say that you seem to love Hinduism. Let me ask you, what if you were born a Muslim or a Christian. Would you have loved those religions? If you see the examples all over the world, you most likely would have loved the religion in which you were born. Did you ever stop and think why? It’s more psychological than anything else. We tend to love what we have, in this case our religion. And we tend to get agrieved if others criticize it. You would have loved your religion whether it was Islam or Christianity. However, because we love our religion it does not mean that it is right, and other religions are necessarily wrong. My view is that ALL religions were created in the past and they were most relevant at those times. Some principals were good and universal like kindness and compassion. But many other things are not relevant today. I admire your courage to reject Manu Smriti. But you must realize that all that is there from the ancient Hindu texts is too much of writings. For a common Hindu it is very time consuming and confusing to read through all of it. And worst, know what to pick and what to leave behind. I guess its time to let go of all those texts and write a simple set of ideas that Hindus can follow. These ideas can be borrowed from the better of the Hindu texts. These should be as simple as to treat other people with kindness, value life, value equality, value liberty, not to steal or indulge in sexual misconduct. The new Hindu Book (lets call it that) should be no more than say, 100 pages – crisp and concise. There will not be any rules in it, just principals which people can judge and follow. Thank you.

  15. V S Joglekar Says:

    Jai Shri Ram

    Although there are 14 responses over the last year and a half, no one seems to have bothered to read and reply/clarify or refute the writers. This kind of neglect amounts to grave omissions and encourages loose talk.
    Needs corrective action

  16. […] Ashok Singhal and relevance of Manu Smriti « Sangh Parivar Insider … The “Manu Smriti” or the “Yagyavalkya Smriti” has no connection with Adi Manu or the Sage …. Caste system has played havoc with Indian society. … – 40k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this […]

  17. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Dear Mr Singhal

    I am happy that Mr Joglekar has commented that no one appears to be reading resposes on this site that is very true. All these moths, there has been no response from you or your official rep. This indicates that no one is really interested.As Mr Joglekar wrote abondoning of sites encourages loose talk and irrelevent writings. Feel sad for the lack of response on this sight of man of national importance in VHP.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  18. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Dear Mr Singhal

    This site appears to be dead
    although the contents some might have read
    Probabaly the guys have no time
    While they drink tea with some lime

    Any thing dead would get rotten soon
    It may be on this earth or distant moon
    The dead would soon also get rotten and stink
    In life after having many a drink

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  19. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Dear Mr Singhal

    Although there have ben many comments on this post, there has been no reply from you or your representative. There was also a comment from one that non reaction will encourage others to write even irrelevant things. I also se that this site was not visited by you since long , rather never. Although your article was good necessiating comments, it has been a great letting down from your side by neglecting this site. Maintaining such sites is more relevant now in view of the situation in the country.Think of other organizations who systematically maintain their sights and there is agreat interaction.Otherwise better close and be happy. Say three cheers after closing. We shall also join the chorus

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  20. Dear readers,
    This is the lousiest site that I have seen ever
    Where the guy of the site does not care to read
    BJP has finally paid for its laxity in elections
    The people have taught them a strong lesson to bleed

    Guys have to learn a strong lesson
    They have now no face to show
    They have to sulk in despair for next five years
    And they have to be busy in crating a row

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  21. Dear friends
    BJP appears to be a gone case
    They have lost in the election race
    the party is gripped in never ending quarrels
    Many of them turning into empty barrels

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  22. sindhu Says:

    Dr K Prabhakar Rao – You seems to be a brahmin bastard!
    Untouchability created by Muslims – lol – This is joke of this millineum.

    • Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

      Mr sindhu.
      You appear to be uncivilized devoid of decoruma and it speaks of your poor up bringing. Whatever you wrote returned to you as it applies to you very truly.You are rustic lacking brains. Otherwise you do not abuse. The country is suffering due to useless guys like you.
      Dr K Prabhakar Rao

  23. Ramesh Says:

    Dr.Prabhakar Rao,
    Political Party BJP has members who are selfish/opportunist.These members are no respect for ethics and moral values.Their main aim is to grab position/chair.
    Please ignore remarks whiich are not worth to accept by any person.
    As Budha says ” I do not accept abuses and giving back to you”, please don’t get disturbed by such unwanted comments.
    May God give SADBUDHI to Mr Sindhu

  24. Dr K Prabhakar Rao Says:

    Thanks Mr Ramesh,
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao. Plesae visit site and my own blog for my articles.
    Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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