Sangh Parivar fails Golwalkar Guruji on his Birth Centenary

July 15, 2006

The year 2006 is being celebrated as the Birth Centenary of Shri Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar.

I feel that Sangh Parivar has forgotten the ideals that Guruji worked his whole life to instill into Hindu Society. Guruji worked tirelessly for 33 years to provide an alternate vision for the society. A mission that was molded on the Hindu Culture.

I don’t think Sangh Parivar could have given Guruji a more fitting tribute on his Birth Centenary, than letting the only Hindu Kingdom in world be taken over by the Communist and have it strip of its Hindu identity. It is very hard to reconcile with the reality of Sangh Parivar playing the role of a mute spectator when the Guruji fought tooth and nail with Communist ideology for his whole life. Nepal is now just another Bangladesh in making. How long is it before the communist take over the Nepal? How long is it before that they begin to ally with China to begin the downfall of Bharat?

Is that the best Sangh Parivar could do for the Birth Centenary of Guruji, who proudly proclaimed that “A person can either be a Hindu or a Communist. He cannot be both.” ? Why didn’t RSS launch a campaign to pressure Indian Government to provide Arms to the King Gyanendra, when he needed them most? I think Sangh Parivar should devote more time on raising awareness about the dangerous of Communist taking over the Nepal. There is still time, Sangh Parivar can still pressure the Government of India to take a hard line with the new government in Nepal.

What is the use of having 60,000 Shakahs when we can’t even try to protect the only Hindu nation on the birth centenary of Shri Guruji? What is the use of all this “strength” when Communist with barely 50-60 MPs can engineer a coup against Hinduism, and we with 60,000 shakhas can only watch.

Sangh Parivar, has indeed given a wonderful gift to the Guruji and the Bharat Mata on the birth centenary of Shri Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalkar. The coming generation will treasure it forever.


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