Sangh Parivar needs to realize the reality

August 18, 2006

Even after 81 years of heroic service to the nation, RSS is considered a black spot on Hindu Dharma/Bharat and more so a borderline terrorist organization by the large number of people who don’t know Sangh. These people seem to include large number of India politicians especially people belonging to non-BJP parties and the majority of elites in News Media and influential circle of society.

If this is not the case, then what else could explain the daring move by Himachal Pradesh government to declare that any person belonging to RSS will be removed from the government service. Why is it still not legal for government employees to work with RSS? Why does the name RSS creates a image of riots and religious warfare in the mind of people? Why has RSS become a stigma rather than a source of pride to lakhs of swayamsevaks? Why? Why? Why?

I think it is clearly the fault of RSS leadership. RSS has neither realized the importance of mass media nor realized that in today’s society, perception matters more than the reality. RSS leadership has created a situation for swayamsevaks where they aren’t willing to openly call themselves swayamsevaks because of the fear that everyone around them has a negative perception of RSS. At least, I don’t see any thing that comes out of RSS which suggests that RSS is even remotely worried about it perception among the non-RSS people. The main backward decision have been the removal of Ram Madhav Ji as the spokesperson. Checkout the article below yourself.

HP move to dismiss employees with RSS background
8/17/2006 1:57:28 PM  HK

Simla:Himachal Pradesh Congress government had shown their height of intolerance by suspending a government Ayurvedic practitioner, stating that he has links with RSS.

“He was working for the RSS. That is why he has been placed under suspension,” Told Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.He also warned that any employee having links with the RSS will be dismissed from service. “Government employees will not be allowed to take part in RSS activities. If any employee does so, he will be dismissed,” Singh said.

Singh’s statement evoked a sharp reaction from Opposition BJP today which termed it as “undemocratic and dictatorial”.
In a statement issued here, party spokesman Randhir Sharma said the RSS was a “nationalist social organisation which works for inculcating moral values, honesty, dedication and selfless service.”

He said that it appeared that the Chief Minister had “no faith in democratic values and was trying to infringe upon the right to views and expression which was violation of the Constitution”.

The BJP leader said Singh was trying to “browbeat the honest and dedicated employees and asked him to quote the article of the Constitution under which government employees could not have links with RSS”.

Sharma dared the chief minister to take action against such employees and said that if the need arose, the BJP would not hesitate to launch an agitation on the issue.


2 Responses to “Sangh Parivar needs to realize the reality”

  1. main ek rastiy hindu hu our main hindut’v ke sare gun arjit karna chahta hu

  2. jo hindu ho o bole jai shiri ram

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