Amazing work done by RSS during the recent floods

August 25, 2006

Surat under unprecedented deluge

The second week of August 06, the whole of South Gujarat and Surat in particular faced an unprecedented deluge. Owing to heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, there was heavy accumulation of water in the catchment area of the Ukai Dam located in South Gujarat, hence 11 lac cusecs of water had to be released into rive Tapti.

As a result of this huge quantity of water the whole of Surat City got flooded. Different parts of Surat had water levels ranging from 4 feet to feet 20 feet. Because of this grievous flooding, electricity supply of Surat city and areas in its vicinity had to be shut down. For three consecutive days the telephones went dead. Along with 78 small villages of Surat, hundreds of other villages in South Gujarat were affected with this flood.

Government administration as well as other voluntary organisations were helpless. Yet the Army with the help of other paramilitary forces and voluntary organisations did start relief and rehabilitation work with whatever aids they had at their command. The National Highway No. 8 connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai was closed, still thousands of volunteers were busy collecting and dispatching supplies to Surat.

Lacs of packets of food, water, candles, biscuits, as well as dry food were rushed to the affected area through the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, B.J.P., Asaram Ashram, Swaminaraya Panth, Rajpath Club, Karnawati Club, Baba Ramdev Sthan Trust, Jain organisations, Vedmata Gayatri Trust and many more voluntary organisations. Shri Mohan Barot of Janakalyan Samiti from Malad, Mumbai reached Surat with huge quantities of relief material. Volenteers from Jain Nagar Society started a kitchen for the flood affected. The Singhania Trust of Mumbai offered them assistance.

Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi the Sahsarkaryawah of the R.S.S. visits Surat :

On the 14th Aug. 2006 Shri Bahiyaji Joshi, the Sahsarkaryawah of the RSS visited Surat to take an overview of the relief and rehabilitation work undertaken by the swayamsevaks there. He informed the journalists in a press release that in keeping with our tradition, the RSS Swayamsevaks commensed their relief and rehabilitation work on the 8th Aug. itself, despite the fact that some of their own houses were flooded with water. On the 8th itself about 200 affected families were given shelter at the Ambedkar Vanvasi Trust Bhavan run by Dr. Hedgewar Smriti Samiti.

On the 9th Aug., when the flood situation was grievous, arrangements were made to cook food in Rander area which was then transported together with drinking water; with the help of make shift rope ladders to the affected area.

Swayasevaks from Gayatri Society at Udhna, ventured to go through the heavily flooded areas, with the support of expert swimmers to supply drinking water and rescued many people to safe areas. On the 9th Aug. two more rehabilitation centres were opened in Model town and Jain Nagar respectively. These were the first volunteers who reached village simada. In all more than 650 volenteers were at work at this place. About 300 volunteers from Nishtha apartment from Bhatar, were busy carrying essential supplies, they helped out over 4000 families with essential supplies.

On the 10th August, Swayamsevaks from Olpad in South Gujarat were the first ones who carried supplies through 5 feet deep water, with the help of tractors, to societies located at Dandi road in Rander area. On the 11th Aug. 3000 more Swayamsevaks from area like Valsad, Olpad, Bharuch, Ankleshwar etc., joined hands in clearing the slush and in carrying out supplies. A number of Swayamsevaks injured their feet with broken glass pieces and other similar steel pieces lying in the slush. Simultaneously right from this date, a group of media workers actively engaged themselves to save the area from possibility of epidemics by offering necessary treatment.

More than 2000 people were given first aid and T.T. injections. They started 22 medical aid centres and treated over 4000 flood affected people. Shri Bhaiyaji visited Varachha, Amaroli, Ved Road, Katargam, Bhagan Chowk, Adajan etc. both to guid and supervise the rehabilitation work as well as to talk to the local people there. He met Shri Ashokbhai and Nareshbhai Patel in Hari Om Society at Amreli, Shri Mansukhbhai Prajapati of JK nagar, Sihanpura road of village Katargam, respectfully invited Shri Bhaiyaji for a cup of tea at his residence. He praised the work undertaken by the Swayamsevaks.

Since 15th Aug. everyday 500 Swayamsevaks of the RSS have been reaching Surat, carrying insecticides. They will be busy cleaning sprinkling insecticide the area and in carrying out essential supplies. From Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Patan areas also a team of 500 Swayamsevaks will be reaching Surat for necessary assistance. Each of these teams will be replaced by another fresh team, every forth day.

Distribution of Kits through Sewa Bharati Gujarat :

In order to render essential help to those very poor people who have lost all their belongings in the deluge, the Sewa Bharati Gujarat organised distribution of Kit to each. This kit comprised of grains to last for a month, two daris, two bed sheets, one pair of Saris and blouse, one pair of pant and shirt, 4 sets of plates, two utensils, and two serving spoons. It has been decided that Dr. Hedgewar Smruti Samiti will itself carry out a survey and distribute the kits at the earliest.

All those volunteers, experienced during the earthquake will be offering their services.

In order to save the besieged city of Surat from spread of epidemics, medical groups from Gujarat and Maharashtra have already started operating diagnostic camps and dispensing medical aid. The groups of doctors and compounders are not only offering first aid but medicines too and are also advising them about their health.

Madhukar Andhare
Vishva Samvad Kendra-Gujarat


4 Responses to “Amazing work done by RSS during the recent floods”

  1. Hiren Says:

    Very nice to know. I think the RSS did a pretty good job during the kutch earthquake as well. Their admin seems to be strong, admin. Always helps if it is a cadre based party. Such activities would go a long way in establishing Ram rajya, a cause which RSS espouses more than anything else.

  2. Mehul Surti Says:



    Download the Motivational song for surat from
    [audio src="" /]

  3. Hitesh Patel Says:

    You saying you sent the packet to Asaram ashram. I must say RSS needs to open it’s eyes, as asaram is not a person you can trust in distributing food packets of donation. Asaram is a fraud crook who has taken money of people, has murdered them for their property, and has no respect for hindusim rather to make money by making fool of people. He himself spent 9 crores on his daughters wedding wheas people who are being used as slaves in his ashram have not been paid for number of years. RSS this is a wake up call before you go down with him. See most of the religious cults like asaram do finish, some finish early but some finish late, but becuase asaram has done so many crimes now if he was in politics then it was ok RSS would have given him ticket for election and he would have own, because most of the criminals do win elections, but asaram played with people and now it’s time of his downfall. So i don’t think RSS wants to go down with him does it ?

  4. Rohit Says:




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