CIA is not behind conversion in India!

August 25, 2006

I am sure Sudarshan ji is correct in saying that Christians wants to have one Christian church in every post office area. I can easily see this being planned by likes of Benny Hinn and other Christian Evangelists in US. One just have to visit to find out all this information.

However, I strongly disagree with Sudarshan Ji’s assertion that CIA is behind all this. Until I see any proof, I will say that person saying this has no knowledge of CIA. Whoever fed this information to Sudarshan Ji doesn’t even have a remote clue about CIA. To the person in India who believe CIA is behind this, can you imagine Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s external intelligence, equivalent of CIA, planning to have a Hindu temple in every county of United States or Sri Lanka or UK. No Right? This is just beyond imagination and ridiculous. Similarly, CIA doing such thing is beyond anybody’s imagination who knows even a little bit how CIA’s works and methodology.

Who works at CIA? Regular people like you and me who are not overly religious. CIA is not a big Christian fundamentalist organization and their sole purpose is not to spread Christianity. It is simply an intelligence wing of US Government working for the US interest and not for Christian Evangelists. This issue clearly seems like another case of extreme paranoia of US, that flows through the Sangh Parivar circle in India.

K S Sudarshan : CIA wants India to be Christian

K S Sudarshan, leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS, paramilitary formation of fundamentalist nationalist Hindus, ed.], yesterday accused American Intelligence of seeking to convert India to Christianity with the help of non-governmental organizations.

The leader said: “The CIA [Central Intelligence Agency, ed.] wants to have one Christian church in every post office area. To attain this end, the American President Bush allocated 20 billion dollars.”

Sudarshan made these charges during celebrations marking 100 years since the setting up of the RSS that were held in Madurai.

The leader said: “So NGOs started to build schools, hospitals and public infrastructure only to veer the rural people away from their Hindu moorings.” He added: “Missionaries are also involved in this plan, because they mislead tribals when they say we invaded their land.”

Finally, Sudarshan hit out at Indian Maoists who “just as they did in Nepal, resort to terrorism and attack government offices to demoralize government officials and bring areas under their control.”


14 Responses to “CIA is not behind conversion in India!”

  1. Manas Says:

    I think Sudarshanji was right.

  2. Manas Says:

    If India becomes Christians, it will be much easier for them to meddle with India’s affairs.

  3. Manas Says:

    Many of the Christians in India can work as reliable spies of the CIA.

  4. Gangtok Slim Says:

    The CIA does not need locals to meddle in India’s affairs. They are so powerful they sent money and weapons TWO countries down to came back and bite us in the ass (Mujahideen and Khalistani separatists) back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  5. balu sastry Says:


    Sudarshan-ji is right. CIA has meddled in so many countrys’ affairs and there is no reason to think they wouldn’t meddle in India. We as Hindus should not be so naive. A look at the last 50 yrs history in Vietnam, Iran, virtually all of south and central america will tell u that US govt and CIA has poked their noses everywhere. Our adhikaris are not so stupid.

    In fact, CIA has been accused of pumping crack cocaine into the inner city neighborhoods of many american cities in the 1980’s to fund the contras against the sandanistas in Nicaragua and the evidence suggests as much. Crack cocaine suddenly became a big problem in the 80’s and I don’t think that’s a co-incidence. Once again, let us not be naive!! Sudarshan-ji is smarter than many of us may think.


  6. tilak Says:

    All Hindus should pray for the biggest earthquake in California in order to keep the Americans preoccupied for the next 200 years. This will distract these nasty white slave-owners who now seek to enslave Hindus.

  7. nolan Says:

    I think Sudershan would be better off using his wits in dealing with the large population in our country who live in poverty.. instead of harping and questioning how patriotic christians are.. well, for people who have no better things to do, what more than to steer gullibles, the likes of Manas… ??? well, Manas if you do think so, go ahead and do some.. I dare u.. only cowards bark..

  8. shashidharan Says:

    sudarshanji is very correct. the meaning of human rights in american term is to practice the religion of his or her choice so they try to implement human rights in all parts of the world first of all the indian government should think to exercise their right, can any of these missionaries go to saudi arabia and do a single conversion? they would behead him or her . they tried in afghanistan the guy was shot dead very next day by the taliban. if america fights taliban it is also a reason they want the missionaries to work there.anywhere in the world if americans have gone to war it was also a reason that that country do not allow missionaries be it vietnam ,north korea ,afghanistan,iraq and they eye iran and china.china is nuclear giant so they cannot intimidate they took another step, to invest in china.the american multinational companies are always biased to christians it may be the levers or the p&gs or the merck or pfizer they all give first prefernce to christians .even now in india you can see congress party paliamenterians who were once wearing the khadi kurta pyjama is now wearing italian designer suits to just impress madam sonia gandhi, they appoint christian officials in major departments to get a certificate to be secular . hindus in india are endangered species in south india every day mass conversion is taking is done by foreign missionary maranatha which is an american voluntary group , they come as tourists and they take the pictures of harijan colonies of south india there are indian converts who guide them they even tell the job less youths to join as priests for a salary of rupees 2000.their channel’s name is HOPE TV aired by american satellite hotbird there you can see the activities of the missionaries.first of all they target the state governed by congress party andhra pradesh is the prime target where you get the most illiterate harijans in south india.the maranatha has an advertisement in the US. they invite donations to build churches in india because the upper cast hindus do not allow lower cast hindus to pray in their temple .it is also an eye opener for hindus first of all why can’t indian government declare that there is no low cast or high cast hindus in india? vote banks will vanish? divide and rule will not be possible?kerala’s christians are the most powerful body in india. most of the priest come from this part of india their duty is to survey the area if any negative forces are around then they use their political clout in the center and appoint a christian top brass in the security to help their conversion activities if a hindu official is there these priests will try to transfer him by any is high time the hindus should come forward to act against this demographic change these conversions create. first of all love your hindu brothers any cast or any state does not matter india is tied together just because 80% of the population is hindu once the equation changes you will not have a place on earth there is only a india for hindus.

  9. deep Says:

    well thats the best..I have already started for praying for an earth quake in new york..

  10. Sathyanarayan.B Says:

    I really feel that conversion is the biggest problem, It is a threat to the world’s oldest culture. Weather its CIA doing it or any one else is not the matter of discussion.

    People should respect India, at least because its the only place where Hindus are, besides Hindus are “Endangered Species” today….

  11. Thinking Indian Says:

    Many of your commentators have made us versus them comments between India and the US. Will these folks also stop accepting the American Dollar and american university education. Every Brahmin I know wants their children to be in “America” and citizens of America – because there is freedom, equal opportunity dignity of the individual, acceptance irrespective of race – which you dont get in your Hindu nation – the nation you want to promote so much – all of these are Christian values – that the US began with – even though much of America is not Christian anymore.

    More than 70 % of the software industry’s $ 30 bn in revenues comes from the US. If not for liberalisation, India would still be in the stone age with Ambassador cars and bullock carts. I wonder what contributions RSS, Bajrang Dal, and other Hindu right wing organisations have made to this country other than let blood, violence and terrorise the minorities. Many of you are hypocrites and arm chair philosophers and have no clue of what you are talking about.

    right wing hindu fanatics strive to take India to the stone age – and make this a country of untouchables, coolies, and kill girl children, and burn widows at stake, drink cow’s urine and take bath in the dirty Ganges where they excrete, throw away dead bodies and wash themselves to purify themselves. When will you guys have brains in the right place?

    Any many of you blokes talk about conversion. Tell me – what are you doing about our children being brainwashed with the filth coming out of Hollywood where they are taught to live in before marriage, run away with the neighbours wife and so on ? isnt that conversion? When you choose Pepsi over Coke arent you being converted? And when you have freedom of choice, if people are making their own choices of what they want to believe what is your problem? In free market economics people will chose what will benefit them. Why dont you show that your customs and beliefs have stuff worth defending than physically stop people from leaving your fold. People are leaving your belief system because you dont have anything to offer to them. It is cowardice to cut people’s throats to make them want to believe something they dont want to believe – that is stone age culture, pathetic and desparate. S

    tart treating the poor people of this country as equals and stop the caste system – then you will see people embracing Hinduism for what it is worth. Shame on you – you have held India under repression for ages and now when people want to make choices for themselves you are now concerned about your selfish interests being endangered – those are signs of insecurity and cowardice.

    And some of you talk about foreign funds coming to India – what is a bunch of your Hindu folks doing in the West on foreign junkets – they are doing the same thing collecting money and making money – look at Ravi Shankar, Matha Amruthananda Mayi and countless adovocates of Hinduism… Please look at the log in your own eye too…

    Lastly – India is finally making some progress in the global scene, through the sweat of working middle class, who pay taxes month on month, who create wealth that can be shared with the poor. Let us not bring in petty issues based on archaic myths and spoil the atmosphere. Let us learn from others and try to be unified and not devisive.

  12. above person seems to be bastered,convent educated,JNU product.nothing to think about him.

  13. Saikumar.S Says:

    Well First of all ‘ Thinking Indian ‘ is half correct and half wrong . He speaks of “America as a country with freedom, equal opportunity dignity of the individual, acceptance irrespective of race – which you dont get in your Hindu nation – the nation you want to promote so much – all of these are Christian values “. Dude any country which respects , honours , retains and tries to culminate those nativity in all aspects of growth will definitely come up as developed nation. That is what RSS, VHP , BJP are trying to do. They are more into unifying Hindus, they are working towards wiping out untouchability and caste system. Where as perverted thinker like ‘Thinking Indian’, Congress, left and all these bastard missionaries and jihadis just want hindu society to always be fractured so that they can take the sadistic advantage and fullfill their selfish ends like vote garnering , establishment of church/mosque at every road of india etc etc. Of course WE will not let that happen. And we all respect our native religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism. Jai hind

  14. bhagavath Says:

    i hope even CIA is to follow christian community council of ministers . christianity is first , country is next, everything has to be done for christianity protection and promoting christianity everywhere.

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