Dalit leader buries the hatchet with RSS

August 31, 2006

This is great effort by the Sangh to publicly outreach to the Dalit leaders in India. The RSS and Sangh Parivar at large have done astonishing amount of work to reduce the Cast difference in Bharat, however it is rarely acknowledged in public because of RSS’s unsociability towards the mass media.

Sangh Parivar in its 82 years history has done more to sovle the caste problem in Bharat than everything else combined in last century. 50,000 daily shakhas are nothing but an experiment in removing those caste differences by making people of every cast sit together, sing together, play together and eat together.

If you are really interested in reading about Sangh Parivar’s contribution in removing cast differences, don’t miss a chance to read Manu, Sangh & I by Ramesh Patange

Dalit leader buries the hatchet with RSS

Dalit poet and leader Namdeo Dhasal shakes hands with RSS chief K Sudarshan at a book release function in New Delhi on Wednesday.

NEW DELHI: Ideological chalk and cheese shared dais when firebrand Dalit poet Namdeo Dhasal and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K Sudarshan came together at a book release function in the Capital on Wednesday. The internationally renowned poet and Dalit leader is the founder president of Maharashtra’s Dalit Panther that has traditionally been at odds with the RSS. The Dalit Panther has for long looked upon the RSS as representing the Brahmanical order. Ironically, Dhasal released a RSS book on Dalit pain at the function.

Dhasal, an outspoken literary figure and the first recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Lifetime Achievement Award, said he was initially reluctant to share the dais with the RSS chief as “Leftist friends would pounce upon me with abuses and accusations that I have shifted camp, but I don’t care, because I have only one mission — to strengthen national unity and social integrity. This can’t be achieved if we remain divided in thousands of castes and sub- castes and keep pouring venom against each other. Neither can politics help eradicate castes, which rather thrive on casteist divisions.”

He had high hopes, he said, from the RSS, which should get into action to remove the concept of untouchability and castiesm from the country. “Mere speeches and books won’t help. The work that RSS outfits like Samarasta Manch are doing in Maharashtra has to be further strengthened,” he said.

The Dalit leader narrated how he had lost his childhood to tyrannical caste-based hatred and had to face what he called a “death-like situation” at the hands of “so-called high caste people just because I had dared to go near their house.”
He did not even spare the socialist movement and claimed that leaders of the movement had shielded castiesm and that even Communist leaders were Brahmanical in their outlook and actions.

Emphasizing that the fight against casteism needed a combined effort, Dhasal said: “Yes, I do feel that the fight to eradicate caste has to be fought by Dalits and caste Hindus together carrying forward the tradition of Adi Sankara, which got broken somewhere in between.”

RSS chief K Sudarshan said the pain and anguish of “our people have to be understood honestly. The Dalits are our own flesh and blood, but because of some ill practices and social evils the practice of untouchability has brought havoc on those who were an integral part and defenders of dharma. This has to be corrected through our deeds and actions.”

The RSS chief said had never accepted any kind of casteism among its cadres. He said the year of Shri Guruji, the second Sarsanghchalak of the RSS, had been devoted to working for social harmony and lakhs of RSS workers had reached out to the Dalits.

The RSS Sarsanghchalak ended his address by turning to Dhasal: “I fully agree with what you have said here today”.
An unusual kinship was thus effected at the release of the book Samaraste Ke Sutra (threads of harmony), which contains articles from Dalit writers and social activists working among Dalits and is edited by Tarun Vijay, Editor of the RSS weekly Panchjanya and Ramesh Patange, Editor of the Marathi weekly Vivek, also an RSS publication.


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  1. kanha Says:

    it is a fact that RSS has adopted a really fare path to deal with castism in our country…….there in RSS you will not use anybody’s surname…..just first name…is’nt it good 🙂

  2. Hiren Says:

    Thats heartening news. Whether it is forced by christian conversions or whatever, it is good to hear something like this. The original caste system was based on the hindu concept of “Svadharma” which implied one’s purpose in life beased on Gunas, Sanskaras, skills and talents. One belonged to a particular caste on merit, not by birth. However, over time, it became distorted by vested intersts which is why we have the deplorable situation today.

    Unity apart, it also makes the individual happy( majority of his waking hours are spent in the work of his liking) and the soceity more productive.
    Even otherwise, modern society has no place for the caste system as it has been exisiting.
    Great post.

  3. Pavan Says:

    Rarely has the media given fair publicity to an organisation like RSS, commited on its core principle of a giving self-respect back to the nation. I have been to the shakas in my childhood, which symbolized the unity of the people irrespective of caste and creed and was also a place which builds a person on physical, spiritual and self-diciplinary aspects. In this changing world order of religion beginning to have the most important identity of a person, i feel happy that there is an organization which fights for our motherland, our culture, our religion and ironing out society differences is of highest importance.
    This article proves that RSS is striving for building a better society for us.

  4. anon Says:

    If the RSS is so wonderful, why was it banned no less than three times in India, by it’s own government?

    India is a highly intelligent country because it already know who, where, what and how the RSS operate. This is why RSS members constitute just 0.2% of India’s population.

    Hang your hindu national pride up for a moment and think about that.

  5. admin Says:

    Well if I think correctly, RSS’s enemies have tried to ban it 3 times but failed miserably! It is still working and growing 🙂

    Can any other organization in India even compare to this level of attack?

  6. J Says:

    why has the RSS got such enemies if its all about unity? and why are its members involved in butchering people in places like Gujurat? I’m a little confused…..I think this PR might be what they call PROPAGANDA….

  7. PSA Says:

    Shame on Hindus..

    Co-office: A-163, DDA Flats Gazipur, Delhi – 96
    Office: IIIA/ 145, Rachana, Vashali- 201 010 (NCR)
    Telefax: 95120-2772449 Mob. 9810108046 E-mail: francispclm@yahoo.com
    Stop fraudulent conversion of Dalits and Vanvasis – Poor Christian Liberation Movement

    New Delhi, July 16, 2008: The Dalit Christians on Friday asked the Church leadership to stop fraudulent conversion in India among Dalits and Tribals. And it further demand that the foreign funds received by the church be used for the welfare and upliftment of the poor Christians who are suffering from the discrimination. The convention strongly urged the Govt of India not to appoint Bishops, priests and nuns in the government commissions and committed but instead it should appoint ordinary Christians. These and many other demands are raised in a resolution adopted at the national conventions organized by the Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) headed by R.L.Francis.

    The convention urged the “Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) and the National Christian Council of India (NCCI) to set up a 1000 crore “Dalit Christian Development” fund to ensure integrated social and economic development.

    Considering the confusion created by the propagation activities in the far flung areas the convention adopted a resolution urging the church authorities to defer the mass conversion programme. The resolution stated that, “This assembly unanimously believes that evangelism cannot be a measurement of a society’s socio-economic development. Therefore, evangelism programme should be suspended for long years and funds should be saved and utilized for the welfare of Dalits and Trible Christians and deprived sections of society for creating awareness among them.”

    The resolution also demanded reservation of seats for Dalit and Trible Christians as well as other Dalits in Church-run schools, colleges, technical institutions and other vocational organizations.

    Three hundred delegates from different parts of the country, who attended the convention, alleged that a handful of priests and bishops were monopolizing the Church funds and property in the country. This has led to the worsening conditions of neo converted Christians were living in a pitiable condition and deprived of the basic necessities.

    In his address, the National President R.L. Francis said that the church leadership is interested only in increasing the numbers and is hardly bothering about their living conditions. The biggest proof of this was that a large chunk of foreign funds were being utilized either for purchasing land and for the luxurious lifestyles of few Christians leaders in India . Bishops are monopolizing the Church estates and treating it as their own property and are indulging in its sale-purchase without the consent of the community,” he alleged.

    Mr. Jawahar Singh, President Gertor India Foundation said 90 per cent to the maids working in cantt and its surrounding areas are Dalit and Trible Christians. Their children do not even complete their primary education, he said. Mr. Singh said that when he went to the priest of the church in the area to discuss the issue of maids and their children; he refused to say anything.

    Mr. P B Lomeo, Christian activist and editor of a church newspaper, alleged that not one of the 40,000 educational institutions run by the church give admission to the children of Dalit Christians. The PCLM, which was launched to help Dalit and Trible Christians and provide them with a platform to express their grief, is the most powerful for them, Mr.Lomeo said.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary a catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Delhi said that “ in last two decades many poor Christians have gone back to Hinduism due to maltreatment by the church. “Even myself was treated bad fly as I am local Christian and not given any assiyment by Bishop of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese because I am a Dalit and local Priest.” he further stated.

    Mr. Balbir Punj, a senior BJP think tank and member of Rajya SAbha suggested that the Church in India should honestly make a model for the progress of Dalits Christians. He also called for moratorium on conversion for the next ten years.

    Raising the question of future of Christian children in India , well known human rights activist Joseph Gathia urged the Govt of India and the Supreme Court to redefine minority educational institutions. He further demanded declassification of those Christian minority institutions who do not admit Christian’s children in their schools.
    Mr. Joseph Gathia opposed the caste base reservation for Christian community in India as it would institutionalize the discrimination in Christianity which is against its very basic principle. Such a move would darken the future of poor Christina’s children in India .

    At National Convention, Mr. Meharban James, Bishop R.B.Sandu, Mr. Ashok Bharti, P.N. Ambdker and others express their views reading Casteism in Church.. The copies of the resolution passed in the convention would be sending to the Pope, the World Council of Churches, and Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India and UPA chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi..


    Nearly 300 delegates from different parts of the country who gather at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi passed the following resolutions unanimously on Friday 6th June 2008.

    I Resolution:
    We demand that Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), National Council for churches in India (NCCI) and other church organizations drop the demand for pushing back the poor Christians in to the category of Scheduled Caste status. The teaching of Jesus Christ does not permit to discriminate among his followers. All Christians are born in the image of God.

    If the Church in India pursue the reservation for Christians on the basis of caste then it must pay compensation to the poor Christians who got converted to the Christianity long back.

    II Resolution:

    (a) We urge the Govt. of India to institute a law allowing the Christians minority institutions to admit 50 % student who are Christians. Any Christians educational institute claiming Minority Status be punished if they refuse admission to a Christian child. Currently there is no such provision therefore the Church educational institutions are fearless. Those not following the directive be declassified and put under the Income Tax Act as commercial venture.

    (b) We further urged the Govt hat no clergy (Bishops, priests and nuns) be appointed in Government committee, commissions etc. Instead the Govt should appointed ordinary Christians as the members such committees and commissions.. It has been observed that due to such appointments the Bishops, priests, and nuns are deviating format their original work of the Church and misusing their positions and funds.

    (C) that the Government of India to introduce special laws to protect Church property and land as currently it is being misused and Sold by few interested group of people. As the land was given by the Govt of India long back on perpetual lease it is very much within the right to introduce such laws in the interest of the Christian community in India and for the betterment of the Dalit and Trible Christians.

    III Resolution:
    (a) We earnestly urge the Vatican to follow protest pattern in appointing the bishops in India, appointment of bishop by concesious of the local people. The Poor Christian Liberation Movement is opposed to the current procedure of appointing the Bishop in the Diocese by the top from Vatican who is not aware of the local conditions. The Vatican must follow the same law which is being followed in China.

    (b) Representatives at the National Convention demand to CBCI to appoint lay people (especially Dalit and Tribal Christians) at the important positions in the institutions of Catholic Church.

    (c) The Church in India is the largest employments giver after the Govt. of India. Hence we demand that to solve the unemployment problem among poor Christians 50 % job reservations in Christian’s educational and medical institutions for these category be reserved in the Church institutions.

    IV Resolution:

    (a) Churches are bringing fund from abroad and spending crores of rupees on evangelization which creates confusion among the religions and bring disunity in the country. Evangelization must be stopped. Let the population grow within the religions. Church should not criticize another religion. Let all the religions grow freely. Church leaders must spend crores of rupees for the upliftment of the Dalit and Trible Christians rather than on evangelization.

    (b) The Poor Christian Liberation Movement feels that a time has come when pluralistic societies are to be accepted. It has already been done in the Western Christians countries. Therefore the focus on fraudulent conversion and only increasing number of “rice Christians” would not really serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church in India needs to promote multi culturalism and inter faith dialogues.
    (c) In order to facilitate resource for education and training for the children of the poor Christians particularly girls a 1000 crore rupee fund be created in India by the Church. Such fund would help the Christian community to become self sufficient in the long run.

    We feel that the time has come for Christians in India to suggest their Christian brethren and sisters in the West that all afforts must be made to make the community self sufficient and not dependent. We the Christians in India wish that the foreign funds must be diverted to poor people of Africa.

    (d) We strong feel that the Church leaders should prove themselves as good shepherds who can lead their sheep selflessly and serve OUR LORD Jesus Christ as per his teachings. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the poor.

    E-mail: francispclm@yahoo.com

  9. R L Francis Says:


    The leaders of Indian Church are being accused of not given equal place and opportunity to the Dalit Catholics in Catholic Church till today. Dalit and Tribal fought against religion, unjust society and unequal economic distribution against them and they accepted the Christianity but later on they realized that in Christianity also there was/is no equal justice and place for them in the Church. Dalit and Tribal Catholics are sad for not having dignified life in the Catholic Church. Upper cast Catholics are having full hold and control on the Catholic Church. Most of the priests, bishops and cardinals are becoming from upper cast and they select the leaders for different associations from their own cast people.

    There are very few Dalit priests and nuns in the Catholic church. Converted Dalit Catholics have great hope from Dalit Priests and nuns in all the diocese in Indian Catholic Church. When Dalit Priests and nuns are being misbehaved, harassed and persecuted by bishops and superiors, then converted Dalit Catholic become sad and loose the hope of having equality and justice in the Catholic Church. Infact in order to have full hold on the Catholic Church, the upper caste bishops and priests do not give equal place and opportunity to the Dalit Preists, Nuns and Dalit Catholics in the Catholic Church.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary is the only local Dalit Priest for Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, the Capital of India. On 30-07-2006, his family members and villagers had a dharna at bishop’s house against the discrimination done to Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary by the Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao. His brother, Mr. Laxmi Chand gave a memorandum to the Archbishop and appealed to him for not to mistreat his brother on the basis of region and caste. Mr. Laxmi Chand reminded the Catholic Archbishop about the pain and trouble they had gone through in order to make his brother, Fr. Willam, a catholic priest for Delhi Diocese. Most of the family members and villagers are Hindu, so they had opposition within the family and in the village for not allowing him to be a priest. Mr. Laxmi Chand lives in Gurgaon, Haryana. He said that his brother after having completed his priestly study for 11 years, became a catholic priest for Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. We were happy that our brother became a priest and expected that he will work for deprived people in the society.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary’s eldest brother, Mr. Laxmi Chand had reminded the Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao through the memorandum that he and his family sacrificed him to work selflessly in the Catholic church and spread the message of love of Christ. We came to know that our brother is being ill-treated on the basis of caste and region. Infact the Archbishop is against the local dalit catholic. He is encouraging regionalism and casteism in Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary was appointed at Faridabad and Rewari in Haryana, Defence Colony, Delhi Cantt, Mayur Vihar Ph-III and Pitampura churches in Delhi but he was not allowed to work freely by the Archbishop who was/is interfering in his work. Mr. Laxmi Chand alleged through the memorandum that Archbishop was/is discriminating against the local Dalit Catholics and local Dalit Priests on the basis of language, region, race, colour and caste. Catholic Archdiocese never consulted local Dalit and priest while taking important decision for the diocese. Archbishop has different rules and regulations for North Indian and South Indian priests, which is against the policy of church and Christianity.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary’s family says that they respect Rev. Bishop Vincent M. Concessao very much and this is not to insult or hurt him. This matter is being voiced because we have sacrificed our brother in the name of Jesus Christ but here in Catholic Church he himself is forced to live insulted life. We must not tolerate that after serving the Catholic Church for more than 15 years he is facing the problem of unjust and partiality by the top most Authorities. These authorities must change their behaviour towards Fr. William . Archbishop is putting condition for long retreat before assigning the parish to Fr. William but there are no condition for other priests who have not gone for long retreat and are holding/ assigned important position in the Church.

    There are fourteen thousand (14000) priests in the Catholic Church but only six hundred (600) are Dalit Priests. There are one hundred sixty
    (160) Bishops but only six (6) are Dalit Bishops in the Catholic Church. It is surprising that there are 70% are converted Dalit Catholics out of the total population of the Catholic Church. Only few upper caste bishops and priests are ruling and controlling the catholic church. They are using the property of the Catholic Church for their own sake. Church leaders are increasing their kingdom while converting Hindu Dalit into Christianity. They are creating division and tension in the Indian societies through their activities in India.

    Infact Indian Churches are being controlled and ruled by the South Indian, especially the generation of Portuguese. It is true that Portuguese missionaries and people could not influence and controlled Indian politics but they had full control on the Catholic Church. Vasco D’Gama was send to India by the pope in order to control Indian catholic church. Before Portuguese missionaries came to India, they were already old Catholics and Syrian Catholics were living in India, especially in South Indian. Portuguese missionaries made them their own slaves by force while British was ruling and controlling India. The upper caste Catholics of Kerela and Tamilnadu obeyed and worked along with Portuguese missionaries. Even though British left India yet pope had influenced and control over the Catholic Church. India became independent country which was declared as democratic. The religious freedom was given to the Indian people who can choose and practice any religion anywhere in India. The Portuguese were very happy and proud of religious freedom in India. Foreign missionaries left enough wealth, movable and immovable property in the Catholic Church. After having left the foreign missionaries from India, the upper caste bishops, priests and leaders of the church took full control over the Catholic Church and entire wealth. In order to increase population in the church, the upper caste bishops, priests and missionaries started to convert Hindu Dalit and poor people into Christianity. They were getting foreign aid in order to increase population in the church. As the population increased in the church the vote bank also increased. So the upper caste bishops, priests and leaders of the Church got the protection of Indian Politician. Since they received the help and protection from politicians, the Indian missionaries took advantage in converting Hindu Dalit into Christianity.

    Recently many people died in Kandhmal District in Orrissa. Many churches, institution and houses were burnt and there was a heavy loss of wealth and life. There are Schedule Caste people, belonging to Pana Caste, who are converted into Christianity. Church leaders are fighting and demanding the state government that the people of Pana Caste must be given the status of Schedule Tribe so that they may not loose quota after accepting the Christianity, otherwise they are loosing the quota after the conversion. This is the real reason of hurdle for conversion for the leaders of the church. Since many decades, church leaders were/are trying to remove this root cause which is the hurdle for converting Hindu Dalit of Pana Caste into Christianity and forcing the government to give them the status of Schedule Tribe. This struggle has been going on since many years. Because of this struggle the tension built up in the region. Actually the church leaders are not interested in the development of converted Catholics rather they want to increase number in the Church. The Church leaders are having an eye on 16 crores Hindus. The Church leaders are playing double standard game. If the people of pana caste are given Schedule Tribe status, they will retain quota / reservation after accepting the Christianity and the Church need not to give anything to them, and on the other hand the conversion may go on smoothly. The church leaders are running the shop of conversion.

    Indian Catholic Church have to follow rules and regulations(Canon Law) of Catholic Church. The Vatican appoints the Indian Bishops. Usually Catholic Bishops gives less importance to local community and that’s why interference in their work by the local priest can only bring suffering to these local priests. In the year 2000, Fr. Anthony Fernandez SJ, was harassed, persecuted and asked to leave the society because he raised the voice against conversion and refused to change the religion of local community, he also challenged the various rights of Bishops. Fr. Henry of Jhansi Diocese was insulted and persecuted because he took the side of local poor Christians. In our country today also lots of priests are facing punishment and standing in neglected places for being Dalit and raising voice for their own people. “Poor Christian Liberation Movement” (PCLM) is one of the leading organisation who is working for Dalit Christian has asked the Church Authorities to give equality and respect to their Priests and Nuns who have come from the Dalit background. According to the words of Jesus Christ we should be like salt. If the salt become tasteless there’ll be no use of it instead it will be thrown outside like dust and will be trampled within our legs.

    President, Poor Christian Liberation Movement -PCLM

  10. Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)
    Office:- IIIA/145, Rachana, Vashali – 201010 (NCR) India
    telefax 0120, 4569131 Cell. 9810108046 Email:-francispclm@yahoo.com


    Demand for Waqf like Board for Church properties

    New Delhi: 29 January, 2009: Considering the large scale fraudulent deals and selling of mission properties in several places in India, the Madhya Pradesh Minority Commission has suggested to the State Government to set up a Waqf like Board to protect Church properties.

    The Poor Christian Liberation Movement, President R.L. Francis, whole heartedly supports the proposal mooted by the Madhya Pradesh State Minority Commission and appeals the church hierarchy to examine the proposal with open mind and in sincerity.

    The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) has earlier on August 27, 2004 submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh demanding an agency for the protection of Christian properties on the pattern of Waqf Board. This demand was again repeated on June 6, 2008 in New Delhi.

    Opposing the Waqf like board for the protection of Mission properties the Madhya Pradesh Catholic Bishops Conference (MPCBC) has termed the proposal as anti -constitutional and has opposed it on the technical ground. The MPCBC has also called for the excommunication of the lone Christian member of the Madhya Pradesh state Minority Commission Mr. Anand Bernard. This step by the local bishops is not only against Christian ethics but also anti constitutional too. The Poor Christian Liberation Movement demands withdrawal of excommunication proposal by the MP Bishops and seeks apology from them.

    After closely examining the proposal the PCLM has come to conclusion that there is nothing objectionable in the proposal. If there was anything wrong in the Wafk Board then Muslim brethren would have opposed it. Therefore, it is not appropriate to oppose the proposal mooted by the M P state Minority Commission for setting up a Waqf like Board for the Christians.

    President of the Movement Mr. R L Francis said that, The matter is very serious and affects Christian community at all India level hence the Poor Christian Liberation Movement -PCLM demands that the Christian leaders and intellectuals such as : Dr. John Deal, Fr. T. K. John s j, Mr.Wilson Thampu, Mr.Joseph Gathia, Mr.Sajan George, Dr. J D’souza, Mr. Michael Pinto, Mrs. Mary John, Ms.Ruth Manorama, Mr. J.Macwan ,Mr. P B Lomeo, Bishop R B Sandhu, Supreme Court Advocate Julian Francis, Rev. Richard Howell, and others convey a national level seminar for the community to discuss the proposal rather than outrightly rejecting it.

    The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) appeals the Bishops of Madhya Pradesh to withdraw the excommunication threat and tender unconditional apology to Anand Bernard. The Movement further urges the Vatican representative in India, the pro-nuncio, not to interfere in the internal affairs of the country. India is a sovereign country.

    Several cases of selling church property illegally have come of light in Jabalpur, Damoh, Indore, Ratlam, Raipur, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Agra, Saharanpur, Lucknow,Ludhiana, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta, etc. therefore it is in the interest of the Christian community to have a Waqf Board like national agency for the proper upkeep and protection of the mission property.

    National President, PCLM

  11. pclm Says:

    Christian Taliban’s and Inter Religious Dialogue

    New Delhi, March 12, 2009: Of late the Church in India is stressing on inter religious dialogue. While this step by the Church in India looks innocence but it is full of dangerous pitfalls and is a ploy to divert the attention of other religious communities from the actual issues of conversion.

    The Catholic Church is organizing a meeting on inter religious dialogue at Mumbai to discuss how to proceed in this matter. The moot question is who are the people behind this move? Little probe would reveal that fanatic Christian Taliban type leaders like Dr. John Dayal , Dr. Joseph D’Souza, Mr. Sajan George, Rev. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel, Rev.K.P.Yohannan and others have been spreading lot of false information about Hindus that they are “violent people” and that there is no “ salvation outside the Christianity”.

    If there is no Moksha or “salvation” for the followers of other religions and only Christianity is the way of salvation through the organized church then the question arises why the inter religious dialogue ? “Inter religious dialogue must be with open mind and without hidden agenda” pleads Mr. P B. Lomeo, a ‘Christian journalist’ of long standing and member National Governing Board of PCLM. This view is also supported by R.L. Francis, President of Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM).

    Human rights activists and writer Joseph Gathia when contacted to respond on the inter religious dialogue stated that in an era of globalization and identity conflict peaceful coexistence of all religion is the only way out. Mr. Gathia further mentioned that “Indian culture is assimilating and people of all faiths are living here hence any effort of inter religious dialogue must be free from ulterior motives”

    For inter religious dialogue one needs to practice living with the Hindu , Muslim and Sikh brethren and stop poaching the “souls” from these religion. But the fact remains that Christian Taliban type leaders in India are engaged in converting Hindus, Sikhs (in Punjab and Chattisgarh) and Muslims (in Kashmir) and Buddhist (in Leh –Laddakh).

    For real inter religious dialogue “hidden agenda activities “would have to be stopped. Next, to create atmosphere of respect for all religion the Christian educational institutions ought to give admission to Muslims children, children of non -Christian tribals and Hindu Dalits. Are they ready for it? Can Christian Taliban’s really enter into a inter-religious dialogue?

  12. pclm Says:

    Local / Dalit Christians demand their own bishops
    Electrd by local people, not by Vatican

    Bhopal , May 5, 2009 : Mr. R.L. Francis is the National President of the Dalit Christians organization known as ‘Poor Christian Liberation Movement’ (PCLM). On May 2, 2009, in Bhopal, Mr. R.L. Francis along with his companions, Rev. Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary and Mr. P.B. Lomeo (Editor of the Church Restoration, Bhopal, Monthly) toured to the Christians colonies in Bhopal and listened and discussed local / Dalit Christians’ problems. Mr. Francis says that the churches are responsible for the pathetic condition for Dalit Christians in India.

    Mr. Francis says that church authorities are spending cores of rupees in order to spread their kingdom through preaching. There are around two hundred (200) catholic dioceses, in India, which follow rules and regulation of Vatican and in the coming of fifty years (50) there will be more dioceses in India. Mr. Francis says that if Catholic Church spends more money for the development and enlistment rather than on preaching then the condition of Dalit Christians, who are wounded sheep of this fold, will improve their condition and they will have better opportunity in their lives.

    Mr. France says that the church authorities have best educational institutions in India. There are about four to five per cent Christian population in India but churches have hold on around twenty two per cent (22%) of educational institutions and thirty per cent (30%) of health care. Next to government, the churches are the biggest land owners in India. In spite of having enough facilities with the church yet Dalit Christians’ condition is deteriorating. There are fifteen per cent (15%) Dalit Christians in the cities and forty per cent (40%) Dalit Christians in the rural areas are illiterate in spite of having best convent schools in the church. Thousand of Tribal girls are forced to do the work as Aaya in the rich families. These girls are coming from Tribal areas where there are no job opportunities. These girls (Aayas) are physically molested and mentally tortured.

    Churches are not taking enough care of these girls. In Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) alone, in spite of less Christians population, catholic church have cores of rupees and enough means to provide better education and job to Dalit Christians. In Madhya Pradesh the church have more then one hundred and fifty (150) High schools and half of them are convent schools. In Bhopal alone catholic church have the property, movable and unmovable, worth of more than six hundred crores (600) yet Christians’ condition is not improved. The church property and money are being used by the authorities as they wish.

    The members of Poor Christian Liberation Movement, Rev. Fr. William Predass Chaudhary and Mr. P.B. Lomio explained to the local Christians about Mr, Anand Benard’s, who is the only member of minority commission of Madhay Pradesh government, suggestion to the M.P. government to form like a Waqf bord. If the M. P. government forms such kind of bord then we must welcome the government’s step and the Christians will have no loss at all. On August 27, 2004, Poor Christian Liberation Movement had given a memorandum to the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohon Singh to form such kind of committee to control the properties of churches. Last year June 6, 2008, Poor Christian Liberation Movement had organized a National Convention at India Islamic Cultural Centre, 87-88 Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003. From all over India there were three hundred (300) representatives who repeated the demand to form committees to look after church properties. The National President of PCLM, Mr. R.L. Frances says that if the Waqf board has no credibility or the Muslim community bearing any loss then the Muslim community will not allow such king of board. But they are benefiting from Waqf board. If such kind of board / committee is formed to safeguard the properties of churches then Christian community should not oppose it. There may be such kind of people who may oppose for their own sake. Such kind of people astray the Christian community from the main issue. The properties and money are being misused by leaders of churches and rich people The educational institutions are being run by the upper caste rather than Dalit Christians who are deprived from all the facilities in the churches. Thus upper caste people are enjoying both properties and educational facilities.

    Poor Christian Liberation Movement regrets about the behavior of church authorities who are collecting money from national and international level in the name of poor Christians who are attacked by the miscreants. The money is not reaching fully to the effected people. Mr. R.L. Francis says that there are no problem between Christians and Hindus. The problems come only when we interfere in the lives of others and religions. We should follow sincerely our own religion without criticizing. We must honor all the religions because all religions give salvation. The National President of PCLM, Mr. R. L. Francis appeals to the local and Dalit Christians to fight for justice and equal right in churches and society. We need to struggle to have our own position in the churches. The struggle is the key for success.

    The appointment of bishops by the Vatican must be opposed because when bishops are appointed by Vatican then they ignore the local Christians. The South Indian priests should not be appointed as bishops for North Indian dioceses. North Indian priests should be appointed as bishops for North Indian dioceses as other denominations do. Local priests know the culture and traditions better and thus local bishops will be more successful in evangelization in North India.

  13. R L Francis Says:

    Minority vote bank politics and RSS

    Indian politics has divided the society more than it has united. Politicians have fragmented the society in various castes, class, religious groups in order to solidify their vote banks. Slogans of communalisation and secularisms have been invented by them. Only those parties are ruling over the society who have proved themselves as saviour of minorities. The result is very much to see. Hatred among communities has increased and it has reached to the level of animosity. The situation is now explosive. Every body has closed its door and they want to have a price of their vote at any cost. Minorities (Muslim and Christian) have threatened it implement Rangnath Misra Commission Report with immediate effect otherwise they will show their strength in the next parliamentary elections.
    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have always alleged UPA of adopting policy of appeasement towards minorities. All other parties which include communists and Congress have labeled RSS as anti-minority. Due to growing terrorism in the country thousands of people lost their lives. A particular section of people have been caught in large numbers engaged in Pakistan sponsored proxy-war. Due to strict measures of security forces; secular parties sometimes feel threatened. Then, these parties raise questions on the functioning of security forces. And irony is that security forces
    are governed by these same parties.
    Minorities played pivotal role in bringing Congress into power again. After a long time Muslim community have returned in the Congress fold. Congress is trying every trick so that Muslims could continue their newfound affinity towards congress. However, only spoiler in the game is continued arrests of Muslim youths in related to terrorist activities. Batla house encounter exposed the desperation of Congress High command. Digvijay Singh, party general-secretary and close aide of Rahul Gandhi blatantly came in support of popular Muslim stand. Congress cannot take risk of alienation of Muslims at this juncture. Digvijay Singh, in order to appease Muslims, is continuously hitting at RSS. He even compared RSS to Laskar.
    More intellectual and scholarly P. Chidambaram even termed a new slogan saffron terror and moving two step further Rahul Gandhi compared RSS to banned SIMI. Sangh is being attacked from all corners. Their game plan did not bear satisfactory fruit; they have tried to portray Sangh as terrorist organisation. Those indulged in a politics of a particular section could not tolerate an organised, aware and dutiful society. It is important for them that society continues to be divided. They have started vicious propaganda war against Sangh and it is being propagated that Sangh is root cause of all evils in the country be it violence, anarchy, confrontation, terrorism and even natural calamity.
    However, Sangh has again presented its cultural legacy of more than eight decades. Millions of Sangh activists peacefully protested against irresponsible statements made by various Congress leaders. No violence was reported at any place in this protest. In between former Sarsanghachalak made a personal accusation on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi that made Congress leader sulking. So called secular Congress activists vandalized Sangh offices at various places. Though, Sangh regretted on this statement but the issue was raised at various platforms earlier. Congress should stand that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is not beyond question and that they are not running a company called ‘India’.
    Those who allege Sangh of perpetrating communalism; they fail to explain which section does Sangh represent. Yes! Sangh talks about Hindus and is this evil? If Christians can be faithful to Holy Vatican and Muslim can be faithful to Mecca; then why Hindus cannot do the same. Church realises that Sangh is the biggest threat that is why Sangh is on the target of church establishment. Church wants to cut the umbilical cord of Hindus from its cultural roots. Only then it will be successful to establish its dominance in the country. What is unfortunate that greedy politicians have not tried to contain the vested interest of church for their own selfish reasons? Sangh is not against any community. It is highly disciplined. Its work is visible to world every day. Patriotism is its identity and to serve the human kind is its main objective. There is no place for hatred in Sangh ideology. Those who make false allegations have their own interests.
    R.L Francis
    President – Poor Christian Liberation Movement
    Email: pclmfrancis@gmail.com

  14. You already know as a result drastically pertaining to this particular topic, created my family individually ponder over it via numerous a lot of attitudes. It is like males and females don’t seem to be serious except it’s think about do with Girl gaga! Your own personal things superb. Continually maintain it up!

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