Is there a limit to the stupidity of Hindu-haters?

December 19, 2006

I don’t know whether to laugh at stupidity of Mr. Khan for blaming VHP for Trishul distribution or newspaper for carrying such a stupid news. Just read the news item below before reading more …

To Have you ever heard of a thing called knife? It is as dangerous as a Trident and you will be shocked to know that it is sold openly in the shops everwhere! You must have one in your home too. Don’t you think you should be put in Jail for buying such a dangerous weapon?

It is just ridiculous as to how low Hindu-haters would stoop to find anything to malign Hindu and Hindu organization like VHP, RSS and rest of the Sangh Parivar. It is about time, Sangh Parivar, creates its own voice in print and electronic media, as well as Internet.

VHP’s trishul distribution programme almost turns fatal in Madhya Pradesh .:. NewKerala.Com, India News Channel

VHP’s trishul distribution programme almost turns fatal in Madhya Pradesh Khandwa (MP), Dec. 19 : A trishul distributed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) became the cause of an injury to a boy in Khandwa near Indore.

A youth named Chandan injured another person Rustam Khan with one of the trishuls he received from the VHP after a trivial altercation.

“A boy was sitting at the backside of my house. He was sitting there since 2 pm. At 6 pm I went to him and asked him the reason for sitting there. He told me that he is waiting for his friends. I told him to leave, but he started abusing me. So, I slapped him on his face. At this, he went away and came back with some boys. One boy held my hands and the other boy pulled out a sharp trishul like weapon and stabbed me in my back,” said Rustam Khan, the victim.

Chandan, has been arrested and a case under section 307 IPC has been registered against him.

Police is trying to locate Chandan’s friends, interrogate them and take an appropriate action against them.

Superintendent of Police (SP), Khandwa K.D Parashst said: “According to the victim’s brother, Chandan’s friends had come along with him but they did not assault. They just fled when Chandan assaulted Rustam. Now, we are trying to ascertain the names and addresses of his friends and arrest them”.

The victim’s brother Aslam Khan pleaded for a ban on such mass distribution of trishuls. “If such weapons are distributed openly, then, what will be the consequences? Do the police and the Government want this place to be mini Gujarat? I want that such activities should be banned as they will spread shedding of blood for no reason,” said Aslam Khan. — ANI

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