Guide on destroying Indigenous culture

March 1, 2007

As reported here . The Christians don’t leave any doubt about their intentions.


Joshua project -“Bringing Definition to unfinished task”


How to destroy local culturesThe Tag line of the the Joshua project is “Bringing Definition to unfinished task”. It is anybodies guess what this unfinished task is? According to the website, the mission and passion of Joshua Project is to identify and highlight the people groups of the world that have the least exposure to the Gospel and the least Christian presence in their midst. Joshua Project shares this information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic people group.

Anybody who had any doubt on the thoroughness of Missionary work and the money they are pouring into this. Should take time to go thru the Joshua Website.

Another Interesting thing I stumbled upon while going thru the website is their strategic Discussion. Take time to go thru this. I went thru one paper which discussed the strategy on creating Christian Community . It reads like this:

“The mission station is similar to a service station; not that this is the theory behind it, but this is the way things have developed. Historically, this is most understandable. After initial contacts with the people and alter surveying the territory, mission organizers selected key locations for “stations.” The missionary, usually a priest, moved in and began to contact the people in a systematic way. Catechumens began their instructions, usually with the help of a native catechist brought from an older station. A house was built. The missionary would start a small clinic where he dispensed medical services and advice. Eventually the need for a school to provide systematic education for the children would be felt. At this point lay missionaries or sisters would arrive, and perhaps a brother as well. A church built of native materials would be built, and classrooms and a more adequate clinic for a full-time nurse to work in.

For the most part, these developments would be greeted with enthusiasm by the local populace as signs of modernization. After initial distrust had been overcome, little force would be needed to get parents to send their children to the schools, particularly when commercial developments made it apparent that education was a ticket to jobs, and jobs the ticket to the money which would purchase the clothing, kerosene lanterns, axes, fishing and hunting gear, and specialty foods which the people so much desired.

A generation or two would pass. Within fifty years virtually everyone in the locale would have become Christian. Outstations would have been established in the countryside around the main station, and more catechists would have been trained, either by the missionary or, increasingly, by the diocesan catechetical centers which would have gradually been established.”

Yes, who says Missionaries won’t practice what they preach?

This is exactly what cunning Missionaries was practicing ,is practicing and will practice,Unless Hindus awake from their deep slumber


5 Responses to “Guide on destroying Indigenous culture”

  1. Christian Says:

    I am a christian and I am amused reading all this hatred against the christian missionaries. Let me tell you the big difference between what you think and what we think. You are worried only about preserving the culture, tradition etc and are forgetting that every one has their own right to believe what they want. How can you fight against the Truth by fighting against the people who are trying to spread the truth about eternal life. We never fight against anyone even who is trying to harm us because that is what Jesus Christ is all about. We have experienced the power of the eternal God who is the creator of all including you and me including Christians and Hindus and Muslims. We only invite people who donot know the real God to come and experience the truth and eternal peace so that they may have a blessed life. We are not against any religion. We believe that no religion including Christianity (as you see in the majority) can save mankind from eternal doom. Only Jesus can. That is why when Jesus fills us with his love we love you and every one and we don’t like to see you going to hell. Even if you try to harm us or kill us the truth cannot be changed. And by the way if you know that the life on this earth is very short compared to the eternal life so it matters less. So dear readers if any one of you is palnning to fight against christians please bear in mind that you are harming only yourself because you are trying to fight against your own creator the Almighty GOD’s plan of salvation for mankind. Nevertheless we still love you and hope all the good things in life for you. I sincerely pray for you that you have a blessed life, a life filled with peace, a life full of love, a life which takes away your fear of any evil in this world. A life where you donot have to fight against your enemies, where you feel the touch of real God, where you can feel the presence of God where you can talk to God. I am not saying that every person that you see having the identity of a Christian are like this, but this is true Christian life. Every one who says he is a Christian is not a true Christian, every one who does charity work is not a Christian work even if someone claims to be a missionary if he has not had the experience with God then he is probably a fake and such people can be easily reconverted to any religion either by tempting him with goodies or by threats and persecution. But a person who knows the truth can never be changed because he has the direct relation with God. no man can do any harm to him and he fears no evil because he knows that the moment he is killed or dies he will be with his Father (God). This is not a belief, it is an experience. You can only challenge this experience if you are willing to try and check it out. I you have never eaten honey in your life, I may be able to canavass you to believe that honey is bitter or I can cerate fear in you so that you will no try to taste it, but the moment you taste it I will totally loose my power to convince you to believe that it is not sweet. If you are threatened, you might say it is bitter but you will not believe. Same is the experience with Christianity – once you have the experience with God, he fills you with his eternal peace then you cannot change your experience. The best part is that even if you lock up a christian in a lonely place, he can always communicate with the Almighty God in spirit.
    Now you might ask if God is so powerful how come he cannot destroy all the people who are not true Christians and especially all the people who harm and persecute the Christians ?
    Good question… and the best one.
    Because God is love. He loves you even if you try to harm him. That is exactly what Jesus christ did on the cross. He asked God to forgive them who crucified him because he said that they don’t know what they are doing. They didn’t realize that they are crucifying and nailing the son of God to the cross. Same is the condition with you. You don’t know that you are fighting against the people who are spreading the good news about eternal life, salvation, love, peace and joy. Thats why we pray for your blessings and salvation.
    Best regards,

  2. An Ex-Christian Says:

    Scary..always grabbing an opportunity for long-winded preaching. Makes one’s eyes glaze over quickly. I’m glad I woke up and realized the insidious and delusional nature of militant fundamentalist Christians.

  3. Neutral observer Says:

    Dear Ex Christian,

    From an unbiased point of view, I don’t see anything scary in the reply from the Christian’s writing. Is he not trying to highlight love and forgiveness ? I agree it is too long-winded. But what about your few words “insidious”, “militant” and “Fundamentalist” ? I don’t think such thinking and its propagation fits in the classical genuine Hindustani camp.

    India has always welcomed every thought and propagation of faith that teaches peace harmony and unity irrespective of religion. Just remember that no religion can be claimed to be the religion of India except the religion of peace seeking, truth seeking and harmony. All other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Christanity etc. that existed by the first century AD were welcomed in India only because of its good teachings of peace love and harmony. None of these were imposed upon anybody but were freely preached and taught to all people by anyone who believes. All the people were free to study, choose and practice any of those those faith. It is only later when religion started taking a political image of conquering nations – that people started branding them as belonging to some other nation.
    Please stop calling names or spreading hatred, just love everyone and that should be the message of every Indian to the whole world. Let the West and East be facinated by India.
    Good luck

  4. Christian Says:

    I am glad at least someone pointed out that even Hinduism is a religion that did not exist before. India and the Indians existed much much before Hinduism or any other religion existed.
    This proves that it is humanity that is more important than religion.

    That means no single religion can claim authority to being original. Only the people are original.

  5. Sudhakar mishra Says:

    Sir mai sudhakar mishra aap ke news chainal se judana chahata hu .

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