Hindus stop bitching about media!

March 10, 2007

I am tried of listening to Hindus especially Sangh Swayamsevaks complaining and moaning like little babies about not getting fair coverage from media or any website that says anything bad about Sangh Parivar or Hinduism. If you are not tired of it then read here about Haindava Kerala’s complaint against Amrita TV  The RSS Orkut group or Hindu Unity Message Board is filled with such cry babies.

My simple answer to all these boneheaded people is that we have to start our news channel. Please please stop expecting someone else to give you any coverage or respect. Respect is earned and not given.

Just like it is foolish for a Muslim organization to expect proper coverage from Haindarav Keralam. We should stop wishing that someone else will give our due respect. We need to earn it, and not beg for it and cry like the author of Haindava Keralam article, every time some commie doesn’t like us.

Haindava Keralam and Hindu Jagruti have shown the way by creating a website which provides alternate source of news for the Hindu masses. This action needs to be repeated by other like minded Hindu and especially Hindu organizations such as RSS, VHP. Why hasn’t RSS website publishes anything about the work they are doing? Why isn’t there a single thing about the so called “Pratinidhi Sabha” that is all over media? If we don’t talk about ourself and if we don’t define ourself than others will do it for us.

Rather than complaining about others, lets create our own media by way of Internet, Community Radio, Local Newspapers and then maybe Television. Even in today’s day and age, where a 7 year old can create a website, the “mighty” RSS can’t even create a nice informational website that might help someone find out that they are somehow different than Al-Qaida.

3 Responses to “Hindus stop bitching about media!”

  1. Gangtok Slim Says:

    Right on! We need to stop bitching, tighten our langhotis, and get to work. Its a shame when Modi is called the “Nero of Gujarat” in the pages of Rediff while three states down 300 lakh Kashmiri’s are living in refugee camps a decade on.

    Where are the hunger strikes now, Medha-Shabana-Romila’s of the world?

  2. Bhishma Says:

    You missed the point. We should cry like babies, fight like adults, whine like women, show wisdom like elders … It must a combination of all and every channel. Thats how things work. Pluralism in thought, in action and in ideology … that is dharmic! Such pluralism has its inherent strength that is what is going to provide the best future for humanity.

    Take a look at this site listing Hinduism Websites.
    Hinduism Resources: http://hinduismresources.blogspot.com/

    It has list of websites related to Hinduism. If you like it, then please forward that link to all your friends and people who are interested in learning about Hinduism.

  3. cheritycall Says:

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