Are Hindus doomed in Bharat?

April 5, 2007

The way I see it right now is that Christians seems to have all they need to succeed in India. They have experience from converting other countries (Native North Americans, South Americans and Africa). They have a long term plan i.e. high quality English Medium Schools / Colleges. They have the motivation (save us from going to hell), they use latest methods (Internet, Radio, TV etc.), they are well structured (Red Cross, World Vision, Joshua Project etc.), they apparently have political power in India (Large number of Christian chief ministers) and outside India (USA), and above all they have the power of money from other nations (Christian Charities get $1.25 Billion in India … almost 600 Crore Rupees)

On the other hand, India’s experience to such on slaught (Buddhism, Muslims, Britishs) has been to initially loose and then partially restore the old status (By status means our culture, religion and way of life). Indians rarely seem to have long term plan, the best RSS has come up to counter Missionary schools is to create 3rd rate school that no sane middle class family should send their kids to. I myself went to RSS school for 2 years. Indians and especially Hindu organizations are at best pathetic and ignorant about latest tools such as Internet, TV, or Radio. For years, I have heard RSS workers give lectures on the futility of political power, but every time I read about their speeches in newspapers, it seems that their every demand requires a political solution. Be it Terrorism, Christian conversion, Ram Setu Project, Minority Appeasement, or Ram Mandir.

What do you think? Have you seen any concrete or long term plans to save India? Have you ever heard of Hindu organizations planning for next 5, 10 or even 15 years?


8 Responses to “Are Hindus doomed in Bharat?”

  1. J Says:

    they have ‘planned’ by commiting acts of terror on a regular basis that leave the nation in a state of fear and practising untouchability. This ‘palnning’ lasts a lifetime and scars victims and the nation, the victims of the Gujurat progrom will never forget it. They will never forget the hatred, violence and intolerance of hindu fundamentalists.

  2. […] see the danger of Christian Conversion all around us. As I have stated previously, Christians are well organized, motivated, and have the necessary political and financial power. The need of hour is to better communicate the dangers of Christian conversion. The above letter to […]

  3. NARAYAN Says:

    I think we Hindus do not need think about what christian are doing only we nne to look at ourselves .What we are doing for our nation or for my Hindus.Let them provide good education we are not able to do it.Why should we feel jealousy about them .Thye are here in our country most of them are our own blood .Let us love them with all our heart.We should not allow other comunal force to use for their benefit thats all.Thank you.

  4. Pitambhar Says:

    I disagree right on the basic claim many Indians ignorantly tries to make unknowingly about the religion of India. Which is our “religion” ? Every existing religion including Hinduism came in the same way to India. It doesn’t matter if the originator came from Israel, India, Arabia or Nepal. Indians just worshipped the Power of the invisible God in their own sense before any of these religions came.
    Therefore every religion has equal status in the sense of belonging to any body. No mad fanatic should be allowed to force anybody into believing that a particular religion is their original religion. Everybody has their own right to accept, convert to, revert, or again reaccept or reject any religion existing in the world. If I want to change my religion for the sake of peace of mind, adventure, social liking, faith or even for the sake of fun or money, status etc etc… It is totally my choice and nobody should be allowed to force me to revert. Of course every one has the right to comment or tell what they want or even try to convince me. But it is my fundamental right to choose what I want any time and as many times. It does not matter what % of Indians are taking up which religion at any point of time.

  5. Sangh Agrawal Says:

    You fool,
    Why not tell that to ur Muslim masters? You know surely that they persecute anyone who leaves their ‘cult’,do u not? Hindus do not go kiling people for converting..muslims do that..peck ur nose into their affairs and see how they react.Just coz we don’t react, this ‘Pitambar’B***d thinks he can say anything and get away with it!

  6. RAJAGOPAL Says:

    Dear Mr.Pitambar

    I would like to say as per christianity and islam except their religions others are not true. Then how can these people allow other religion to practise peacefully unlike hinduism which thinks all religions are equal and is more liberal.

    That’s why I am saying when christians and muslims are in majority that country is doomed.

  7. Tribhuwan singh bisht Says:

    I Like it

  8. Arpan jadhav Says:

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