RSS only wants to be Arjuna’s charitor

April 23, 2007

Krishna leading ArjunaThere are lot of people who have misunderstood RSS, mostly because of media representations and also because RSS rarely bothers to explain itself clearly to outsiders. Most basic mis-understanding is what does RSS want to be?I have experienced RSS from closely based on my interaction with the senior leaders. I believe RSS wants to be only a chariator like Krishna and not a warrior like Arjuna. RSS wishes Hindu Society to be the Arjuna of the Mahabharat. It feels that Hindu Society has the necessary abilities to counter anything that stands in its path, but it has been floundered and confused just like Arjuna. Another metaphor is of Hanumna, who has forgotten his strengths and needs to be reminded of it again.

I think RSS can be best described metaphorically through the Krishna and Arjuna idea. Just like Krishna had the power to fight itself, similar to RSS, but Krishna only chose to guide Arjuna. Similarly, RSS wishes to guide the Hindu Society rather than fight its battle. It believes that whole society has to stand on its feet and be strong like Pandavas to fight the necessary evils prevailing all around us. This evil has manifested in society in different forms, whether it is casteism, pseudo-secularism or Christian conversion.

What do you think? Any other metaphors that might describe RSS better?


11 Responses to “RSS only wants to be Arjuna’s charitor”

  1. J Says:

    how will the RSS guide India past casteism? how many Dalit leaders are there in RSS? when was the last time the RSS acted on behalf of STs or SCs against perpetrators of attrocities from the Hindu Right?

  2. S Jain Says:

    J, RSS has been working to guide India past casteism for past 80 years.

    Here are 3 way that they have been doing it.

    1. They hold 45,000 inter-cast 1 hour meetings, mostly daily and some weekly in open public grounds. They call it Shakha. At those meetings everyone plays, sings, learns together and then visits each other family on regular basis. This has been going over for 80 years and this is best way to get rid of casteism.

    2. RSS inspired organizations are working among every cast and religion, while executing nearly 93,000 service activities in fields of Education and Healthcare etc. Here is a video about it

    3. Getting religious leaders together to denounce the practice of cateism and remove it from Hindu society, under the VHP banner.

    To read more about RSS’s work visit

  3. S Jain Says:

    RSS doesn’t care what caste of people join it rank. So there is no data on how many Dalits are in RSS.

    RSS leadership roles are assigned based or meritocracy, not on reservations or quota. I can assure you that they don’t make any decision based on one’s cast. They are caste agnostic by choosing to ignore it from their every single activity.

    Read this book to get a better idea

  4. J Says:

    thanks S Jain, but you didn’t answer my primary question, how will the RSS guide India past catseism? especially given that in your words ‘by choosing to ignore it form their every single activity’ but given that ‘This evil has manifested in society in different forms, whether it is casteism…’. I am very confused, one minute we have to guide india past evils like casteism next you are choosing to ignore caste???? surely ignoring caste will simply means it persists in society? please enlighten me, I have many problems and I too would like them to go away by ignoring them, will this work? many thanks

  5. S Jain Says:

    It seems like my second comment got through the system but not the first one. J read over the first comment now 🙂

    By RSS ignoring cateism, I meant to imply that they don’t care about what caste a person belongs when they do any action. As to make it irrelevant with regard to their organization and hopefully a larger society.

    It is common practice in RSS to introduce one by their only first name, and address each other only by their first name. Thus even ignoring one’s cast subconsciously when working among themselves, as well as when working in the society.

  6. S Jain Says:

    To expand further on the Shakha (1) issue … these daily meetings are the bread and butter of RSS work. This is the most important activity that RSS undertakes.

    Through these Shakhas people come in contact with members of every other cast. And people from all classes, income category come to shakha, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see someone hanging out with their “Dhobhi” in a shakha daily.

    I feel that RSS has done more to remove cateism than any other organization in India.

  7. Anil Balakrishnan Says:

    I have come across dalit pracharaks in Kerala .They are as respectd as any other Pracharak in RSS households irrespective of the castes of the swayamsevaks .

    RSS treat everybody equally -all are sons and daughters of Bharath Mata

  8. jsaireddy Says:

    proud of hinduisam

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