Hyper-sensitive Hindu Organizations destroying their credibility

May 7, 2007

I think the following letter to editor of Organizer newspaper deserves a round of applause. Similarly, my gratitude for Organizer for publishing it. I would expect such treatment from only a ‘right-wing’ newspaper.

Alluring to convert (Organiser, 15-4-2007); After reading my friend Shri Lokpal Sethi’s report on the Sriganganagar incident, I was left wondering whether Hinduism has become so weak that India should adopt the Saudi Arabian model to protect the majority Hindus from a minuscule, four per cent Christian population. According to Shri Sethi, two evangelists were caught in the act in Sriganganagar—a border district. He says their crime was to “lure” sections of people to Christianity. The evidence includes the fact that they travelled from Punjab to Sriganganagar, that they carried Christian literature and that they were promising better life for the innocent people and jobs if they adopted Christianity. They also had a lot of money. But when has it become anti-national for an Indian citizen alone or in groups to travel from one part of the country to another? Shri Sethi speaks as if carrying one or two mobiles and a laptop is a crime. What was there in the laptop? Caste-wise data. Is this any secret when newspapers are daily giving caste-wise data in every constituency in poll-bound UP? Shri Sethi seems to depend too much on unspecified “intelligence agencies”. However he should be aware of how unreliable these “agencies” are and in how many cases have innocent people been harassed by them. For instance, in the well-known case against Ram Startup, “intelligence agencies” found “incriminating material” against him but in the court it turned out to be nothing more than PIB press releases. The court strongly censured these “agencies”. It is also news to me that setting up educational institutions, as the EMI has done, is a crime and that the state has unrestricted powers to take over such institutions. Rajasthan High Court has rightly invalidated the government takeover. As for offering jobs for conversion, not even a stupid pastor would do that when millions are waiting for jobs because no one can have such resources to fool them. As far as I know about the Constitution, propagating Christian or any other religious literature or even preaching of atheism is not a crime—in fact carrying on any propagation of any religion is a basic right guaranteed to every citizen. So how do the EMI pastors become criminals if their laptop has or if they carry a lot of material on Christianity? Has Government declared Christianity a dangerous movement and proscribed all Christian literature?

New Delhi

I see the danger of Christian Conversion all around us. As I have stated previously, Christians are well organized, motivated, and have the necessary political and financial power. The need of hour is to better communicate the dangers of Christian conversion. The above letter to editor is perfect example of how our reports on Christian conversion are interpreted by general public.


12 Responses to “Hyper-sensitive Hindu Organizations destroying their credibility”

  1. Hiren Says:

    “Religions are many, religion is one” they say but nobody follows real religion. As for the conversions, the hindus should also abolish the caste system and do something for the poor instead of just blaming others.

  2. ” I see the danger of Christian Conversion all around us.”

    What exactly are the dangers of Christian conversion that you are referring to?

  3. D. N. Joshi Says:

    Hindus should shed inferiority complex and behave as owners of the country.We must confidently say that we would be so united and powerful that we could do what we want.

  4. I fully agree with the title of this blog “Hyper-sensitive Hindu Organizations destroying their credibility.” ….

    I agree with Hiren 100%, that Hindus should abolish caste system. Caste System is a disgrace. It is a curse on Hinduism.

    I agree with D. N. Joshi, that Hindus should shed inferiority complex.

    As far as I am concerned, the only thing Hindus to fear is fear itself. APATHY ON THE PART OF HINDUS IS DEPLORABLE. Hindus should stand up and defend their culture.


  5. Preeti Says:

    I think people are getting vulnerable to conversion due to lack of knowledge. Most of the times the missionaries who come with the intention to convert come with real solid ideas about who was Jesus Christ, why he was born, he was the only saviour, he gave his blood etc etc. They perform miracles and tell stories and put up arguments about Hinduism or any religion for that matter which many people cannot defend because of lack of knowledge (and generally these are not logical arguments or discussions). These missionaries generally target teenagers or poor people who are gullible and stupid too. I see many teenagers these days who just blindly follow these missionaries, attend thos Benny Hinn programs and what not. Its time people learn that “you’ve got ur brains in place and you got to use it atleast once in a while and understand that some people are just using the name of GOD for their own selfish purposes!!!”

  6. Matt Says:

    First, I am a Christian – and your blog is the closest I have seen to a logical argument for Hindus. Not that I agree with 90 % of it! But at least it is not abusive and panicky.

    From my point of view as a Christian, we are not a threat to Hindus at all! Let me explain a few reasons why I think so.

    1. There is nothing called a Christian. It is a common enough name, but it is a bunch of sects, which often do not agree with each other in everything from beliefs, with different versions of the Bible, differing attitudes to conversion etc etc.

    2. It is impossible to do real conversion in most cases. Are you worried about conversion of the mind, or conversion of the body? If a Christian priest can talk to a Hindu, and ACTUALLY convince him that Christianity is the true religion, hats off to that priest! In my 37 years as a Christian, I have not met any Christian priests who can do that! 😀 Conversion of the body – this is easy if you really want to. Approach a poor man, offer him money or a job, and he will convert to any religion for a better life.

    3. What do you think is happening to Christianity? It is losing followers. Like every other religion in India, youngsters are more interested in materialistic pursuits than religion. If you look at the principles and ideas of any religion, you will find that not even 1 % of their members are true believers.

    4. Sites like the Joshua Project – and hundreds of others – exist, there are a lot of evangelists floating around in India. But as a Christian, I will tell you that these are enormously stupid people (sometimes) and utter crooks (some other times). The first batch believes that entire India is going to turn Christian tomorrow – and the other bunch wants to collect huge money from idiots in their own countries in the name of conversion and have a good time in life!

    That’s it for now. I would be happy to discuss these topics with you anytime! Thank God, the Christian in India is not the devil that many of you think he is. And thank God again, the Hindu is also not the horrible murderer of minorities that many Christians think that he is.

  7. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. biena Says:

    Christians are crooks, thugs and liars…they have looted all over the world, converted by torture and force..they would do that in India too, if Hindus do not unite and fight this threat…

  9. Sharad Mistry Says:

    India as a whole is the new target of Islam fundamentalists. Following r few links of articles that shout from the rooftop about the nefarious aim and activities of Islam fundamentalists in India. Neither India, nor Indians as a whole – Hindus included – are no more safe, but our crazy and myopic politicians still want to appease Muslims in India induct them in important public services like police, also grant them better amenities in construction of their dargah and madarsaas, extend access in housing for low income groups and also more funds for their haj…

    Sharad Mistry

  10. chikka Says:

    It is a fact that in many pockets of India large number of people mostly poor labourers,beggars servant maids etc are being shown the incentives of money, education, jobs etc by missionaries if they convert to Christianity i.e. pray Jesus ,go to churches ,identify themselves as Christians in the society etc —this is what we mean by conversions ,and these are the people who do not have concept of what religopon is all about.This is what the Hinduvta groups are after.
    A place called Gooty exists in Anantapur dist. of Andhra pradesh wherein prayer meetings by Christian groups are held every week and what happens in these prayer meets is no less gimmicks than is played by Puttaparthi Sai baba.The people flocking to these meetings are from lowest rungs of society who go there with big hopes of incentives which is in fact promised to them.This is a clear example of forcible conversions taking advantage of their backwardness.As a matter of fact large number of such people are being “converted” to Christianity in these questionable ways.This is the crux of the problem.

  11. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  12. shaikh Says:

    i m a muslim,…indian muslim…. and i have pride to be an indian muslim.
    now come to the flash point. “fundamentalist islam” what do you mean by this. it means a person who follows the basic rules of islam is called fundamental islam, and if he dont no fundamental of islam he will not be a good good muslim.. he either may be taliban or may be pakistani jihadi… bcos what he is doing .he thinks this islam..but actually it is MISLAM( mis-islam). my dear brothers hindus, christians and whatever religion u follows…i request to first keep ur mind open and now start to understand the concept , similar concept of HINDUISM, CHRISTANISM AND ISLAM…. what is that?
    that according to vedas..” NA TASYA PRATIMA ASTHI”means “god has no image” but my hindu brothers , what they r doing ? worshipping images, and also VEDA says that if any one woprship stones or things that he himself created ,he is in deptth of dark..
    see the website plzhttp://www.metacafe.com/watch/3500419/dr_zakir_naik_majority_of_the_world_worship_idols/

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