I think the following letter to editor of Organizer newspaper deserves a round of applause. Similarly, my gratitude for Organizer for publishing it. I would expect such treatment from only a ‘right-wing’ newspaper.

Alluring to convert (Organiser, 15-4-2007); After reading my friend Shri Lokpal Sethi’s report on the Sriganganagar incident, I was left wondering whether Hinduism has become so weak that India should adopt the Saudi Arabian model to protect the majority Hindus from a minuscule, four per cent Christian population. According to Shri Sethi, two evangelists were caught in the act in Sriganganagar—a border district. He says their crime was to “lure” sections of people to Christianity. The evidence includes the fact that they travelled from Punjab to Sriganganagar, that they carried Christian literature and that they were promising better life for the innocent people and jobs if they adopted Christianity. They also had a lot of money. But when has it become anti-national for an Indian citizen alone or in groups to travel from one part of the country to another? Shri Sethi speaks as if carrying one or two mobiles and a laptop is a crime. What was there in the laptop? Caste-wise data. Is this any secret when newspapers are daily giving caste-wise data in every constituency in poll-bound UP? Shri Sethi seems to depend too much on unspecified “intelligence agencies”. However he should be aware of how unreliable these “agencies” are and in how many cases have innocent people been harassed by them. For instance, in the well-known case against Ram Startup, “intelligence agencies” found “incriminating material” against him but in the court it turned out to be nothing more than PIB press releases. The court strongly censured these “agencies”. It is also news to me that setting up educational institutions, as the EMI has done, is a crime and that the state has unrestricted powers to take over such institutions. Rajasthan High Court has rightly invalidated the government takeover. As for offering jobs for conversion, not even a stupid pastor would do that when millions are waiting for jobs because no one can have such resources to fool them. As far as I know about the Constitution, propagating Christian or any other religious literature or even preaching of atheism is not a crime—in fact carrying on any propagation of any religion is a basic right guaranteed to every citizen. So how do the EMI pastors become criminals if their laptop has or if they carry a lot of material on Christianity? Has Government declared Christianity a dangerous movement and proscribed all Christian literature?

New Delhi

I see the danger of Christian Conversion all around us. As I have stated previously, Christians are well organized, motivated, and have the necessary political and financial power. The need of hour is to better communicate the dangers of Christian conversion. The above letter to editor is perfect example of how our reports on Christian conversion are interpreted by general public.


The way I see it right now is that Christians seems to have all they need to succeed in India. They have experience from converting other countries (Native North Americans, South Americans and Africa). They have a long term plan i.e. high quality English Medium Schools / Colleges. They have the motivation (save us from going to hell), they use latest methods (Internet, Radio, TV etc.), they are well structured (Red Cross, World Vision, Joshua Project etc.), they apparently have political power in India (Large number of Christian chief ministers) and outside India (USA), and above all they have the power of money from other nations (Christian Charities get $1.25 Billion in India … almost 600 Crore Rupees)

On the other hand, India’s experience to such on slaught (Buddhism, Muslims, Britishs) has been to initially loose and then partially restore the old status (By status means our culture, religion and way of life). Indians rarely seem to have long term plan, the best RSS has come up to counter Missionary schools is to create 3rd rate school that no sane middle class family should send their kids to. I myself went to RSS school for 2 years. Indians and especially Hindu organizations are at best pathetic and ignorant about latest tools such as Internet, TV, or Radio. For years, I have heard RSS workers give lectures on the futility of political power, but every time I read about their speeches in newspapers, it seems that their every demand requires a political solution. Be it Terrorism, Christian conversion, Ram Setu Project, Minority Appeasement, or Ram Mandir.

What do you think? Have you seen any concrete or long term plans to save India? Have you ever heard of Hindu organizations planning for next 5, 10 or even 15 years?


Presented by: SARKARYAWAH SH. MOHANRAO BHAGWAT (9th March 2007)

Source: http://www.rss.org

Sangh Swayamsevaks at Guruji's ProgramRevered Sarsanghachalakji, respected Sanghachalaks, members of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini, members of the ABPS, Swayamsevaks working in various Sangh-inspired organisations, mothers, sisters and special invitees,

We all have assembled here after one year to take stock of our activity, completing the programmes of Sri Guruji Birth Centenary with gaiety, enthusiasm and success. This meeting is being held in the backdrop of the evolving complex national scenario as also the love, cooperation experienced by us during the Birth Centenary year from all sections of the society including saints, scholars and eminencies.
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As reported here http://www.haindavakeralam.org/PageModule.aspx?PageID=3139 . The Christians don’t leave any doubt about their intentions.


Joshua project -“Bringing Definition to unfinished task”




How to destroy local culturesThe Tag line of the the Joshua project is “Bringing Definition to unfinished task”. It is anybodies guess what this unfinished task is? According to the website, the mission and passion of Joshua Project is to identify and highlight the people groups of the world that have the least exposure to the Gospel and the least Christian presence in their midst. Joshua Project shares this information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic people group.

Anybody who had any doubt on the thoroughness of Missionary work and the money they are pouring into this. Should take time to go thru the Joshua Website.

Another Interesting thing I stumbled upon while going thru the website is their strategic Discussion. Take time to go thru this. I went thru one paper which discussed the strategy on creating Christian Community . It reads like this:

“The mission station is similar to a service station; not that this is the theory behind it, but this is the way things have developed. Historically, this is most understandable. After initial contacts with the people and alter surveying the territory, mission organizers selected key locations for “stations.” The missionary, usually a priest, moved in and began to contact the people in a systematic way. Catechumens began their instructions, usually with the help of a native catechist brought from an older station. A house was built. The missionary would start a small clinic where he dispensed medical services and advice. Eventually the need for a school to provide systematic education for the children would be felt. At this point lay missionaries or sisters would arrive, and perhaps a brother as well. A church built of native materials would be built, and classrooms and a more adequate clinic for a full-time nurse to work in.

For the most part, these developments would be greeted with enthusiasm by the local populace as signs of modernization. After initial distrust had been overcome, little force would be needed to get parents to send their children to the schools, particularly when commercial developments made it apparent that education was a ticket to jobs, and jobs the ticket to the money which would purchase the clothing, kerosene lanterns, axes, fishing and hunting gear, and specialty foods which the people so much desired.

A generation or two would pass. Within fifty years virtually everyone in the locale would have become Christian. Outstations would have been established in the countryside around the main station, and more catechists would have been trained, either by the missionary or, increasingly, by the diocesan catechetical centers which would have gradually been established.”

Yes, who says Missionaries won’t practice what they preach?

This is exactly what cunning Missionaries was practicing ,is practicing and will practice,Unless Hindus awake from their deep slumber

I recently posted the following comment on the SAJAform HUMAN RIGHTS: HRW says India’s failed to uplift Dalits. Am I right? What do you think?

I think Human Right Commission is unintentionally working to promote the interests of Evangelical Christians in India. Anybody, who has visited India knows that caste discrimination is disappearing faster than ever.

If HRC is so interested in the plight of Dalits, then why would it appose the work of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at every chance. Sangh Parivar in its 82 years history has done more to solve the caste problem in Bharat than everything else combined in last century. 50,000 daily shakhas are nothing but an experiment in removing those caste differences by making people of every cast sit together, sing together, play together and eat together.

No Gov’t can change the society to accept Dalits. The only way is to change one person at a time as RSS has discovered and practiced for more than 80 years now.

You just need to read the book called “Manu, Sangh and I” http://www.hvk.org/specialrepo/mms/ to realize the work done by Sangh Parivar to uplift the Dalit society in Bharat.

I don’t know whether to laugh at stupidity of Mr. Khan for blaming VHP for Trishul distribution or newKerala.com newspaper for carrying such a stupid news. Just read the news item below before reading more …

To newKerala.com: Have you ever heard of a thing called knife? It is as dangerous as a Trident and you will be shocked to know that it is sold openly in the shops everwhere! You must have one in your home too. Don’t you think you should be put in Jail for buying such a dangerous weapon?

It is just ridiculous as to how low Hindu-haters would stoop to find anything to malign Hindu and Hindu organization like VHP, RSS and rest of the Sangh Parivar. It is about time, Sangh Parivar, creates its own voice in print and electronic media, as well as Internet.

VHP’s trishul distribution programme almost turns fatal in Madhya Pradesh .:. NewKerala.Com, India News Channel

VHP’s trishul distribution programme almost turns fatal in Madhya Pradesh Khandwa (MP), Dec. 19 : A trishul distributed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) became the cause of an injury to a boy in Khandwa near Indore.

A youth named Chandan injured another person Rustam Khan with one of the trishuls he received from the VHP after a trivial altercation.

“A boy was sitting at the backside of my house. He was sitting there since 2 pm. At 6 pm I went to him and asked him the reason for sitting there. He told me that he is waiting for his friends. I told him to leave, but he started abusing me. So, I slapped him on his face. At this, he went away and came back with some boys. One boy held my hands and the other boy pulled out a sharp trishul like weapon and stabbed me in my back,” said Rustam Khan, the victim.

Chandan, has been arrested and a case under section 307 IPC has been registered against him.

Police is trying to locate Chandan’s friends, interrogate them and take an appropriate action against them.

Superintendent of Police (SP), Khandwa K.D Parashst said: “According to the victim’s brother, Chandan’s friends had come along with him but they did not assault. They just fled when Chandan assaulted Rustam. Now, we are trying to ascertain the names and addresses of his friends and arrest them”.

The victim’s brother Aslam Khan pleaded for a ban on such mass distribution of trishuls. “If such weapons are distributed openly, then, what will be the consequences? Do the police and the Government want this place to be mini Gujarat? I want that such activities should be banned as they will spread shedding of blood for no reason,” said Aslam Khan. — ANI

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