Swapan Dasgupta in The Pionner beautifully points out:

“The agitation in the Kashmir Valley isn’t really about Kashmiri identity or Geelani’s quest for an elusive Kashmiriyat. It is a plain and simple secessionist movement based on the belief that a Muslim-majority region must have a separate Islamic State. It can no longer be detached from the bombings in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP and Karnataka which are also about Islamist rejection of democracy and nationalism. In different ways, there is a twin assault on the unity and personality of India. The visible face presents itself in the Valley; the invisible enemy bombs our cities elsewhere. But, as the Gujarat Police revealed on Saturday, the impulses driving both currents are exactly the same.”


Although Muslims are safer in this country than in other parts of the world because they have a stake and space in Indian democracy, Indian democracy is unfair to Muslims, says Shabana Azmi, actor and former MP.

Indian democracy unfair to Muslims: Shabana Azmi-India-The Times of India.

I am just disgusted by such thoughts which berate the country that gives shelter to one of the largest population of Muslism in the world. I would request people like Shabana to go live in 33% of the land that was given to Muslims so that they could leave Hindus alone.

However, the darker side of this situation is that politicians will try to take advantage of this modd to provide more reservation for Muslism …

I am afraid one day in India…

We will have reservations for Muslims in every apartment complex

We will have reservations for Muslims in every colony.

We will have reservations for Muslims in every school.

We will have reservations for Muslims in all companies.

We will have reservations for Muslims in buses.

We will have reservations for Muslims in trains.

We will have reservations for Muslims in air planes.

Just because we Hindus chose not to wake up and stand up for our country.


Presented by: SARKARYAWAH SH. MOHANRAO BHAGWAT (9th March 2007)

Source: http://www.rss.org

Sangh Swayamsevaks at Guruji's ProgramRevered Sarsanghachalakji, respected Sanghachalaks, members of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini, members of the ABPS, Swayamsevaks working in various Sangh-inspired organisations, mothers, sisters and special invitees,

We all have assembled here after one year to take stock of our activity, completing the programmes of Sri Guruji Birth Centenary with gaiety, enthusiasm and success. This meeting is being held in the backdrop of the evolving complex national scenario as also the love, cooperation experienced by us during the Birth Centenary year from all sections of the society including saints, scholars and eminencies.
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The news that a commission absolves Sangh Parivar of a Riots charges will not come as suprise to any real follower of Sangh. No matter what the Media claims them to be, it turns out very very often that riots are the handiwork of Muslims and Sangh was only involved as a reactionary force, if at all. This reports also implies that Indian Muslims are very easy targe to ISI.

Probe shows ISI mark on Bhatkal riots: DH claim
…Besides the ISI, the commission has also held the Anjuman Society which runs various educational institutions in Bhatkal, indirectly responsible for the violence. Several Muslim students from these institutions had indulged in violence, the report said, relying on evidence given by senior police officers and others. The report also found that some members of a Muslim organisation called Lions Club indulged in the violence.

The violence took place in five phases between April 1 and September 11 of 1993. While miscreants from Hindu community were responsible for one phase of violence, the remaining phases were instigated by miscreants from the Muslim community, the commission found.

However, the commission absolved the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), BJP leader Ananth Kumar and former BJP MLA late Dr Chittaranjan of the charge of instigating the clashes. …